Christmas in August

Every college runner understands what this means.

For some, it means much more than it does for others, but I am pretty sure that everybody loves free stuff!!!


The girls always toss a good Instagram story or 2 about the new gear, the freshman foam at the mouth just thinking about the gear drop.

Personally, as a freshman I brought not even close to enough clothing to campus because I was banking on all of the gear we were going to get.

My specialty in high school was a good old fashion sweat suit outfit, some sweatpants and a hoodie.

Noah Jacobs - YouTube
Glorious ain’t it

Then you come to find out that you shouldn’t wear your athletic gear every single day on campus.

You learn that girls aren’t that into baggy sweatpants.

You learn that you actually have no sense of style (well I did not and have about 2% more now).

Now I am going into my 4th year of collegiate running…

God I’m so old.

The gear is still exciting, everybody loves some fresh new stuff, but the same spark isn’t quite ignited in me when picking up the gear…

That is selfish of me to not be as excited as I once was, but that is just how I feel.

I am extremely grateful to have new gear, but is it really the same as the first time, not a chance.

Feels Like the First Time - Wikipedia

Is the lack of the spark due to fashion?

Is it due to lack of youth?

Is something wrong with me?

Please don’t answer that question to my face.

The best part about gear day though…

The switch flips!

The official start, everybody now has team gear, everybody is on board and ready to work!

It's Time...... To go to Work - Cheezburger - Funny Memes | Funny Pictures
“Let’s get down to business”

Time to lace up the shoes, pull the strings out in the short-shorts, pull out the gaiter, admire that headband you have been waiting to use, and try to match harder than you have all summer!

Time to grab your gear and GO TO WORK!

Stack by stack.

Keep getting better.


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