Noah’s Weekly Training June 7-13

Exactly like this Monday- MLR (Medium Long Run) Hour and a little extra run. Was getting warm but this run went very well. Felt pretty solid today. Tuesday- Arb Loop after Work. 9 Holes Golf Was going to run 10x Min On/Off but after 5 of those I realized it wasn't a light workout to... Continue Reading →

Summer Training: May 24-30

The first true installment of the Weekly Training of Noah was nothing special for certain. Lots of exercise within the week however. Monday- 50 Minutes with Olin. 9 Holes of Golf. Was a good run by the end of it. Did not feel great early, but ran a few trails with Olin and mixed up... Continue Reading →

Scrambled Legs Weekly Training Log

Since I have gotten to college, most Sundays (especially during heavy training blocks) I send a log to my coach at Wisconsin: Mick Byrne. Now that I am done officially running for a team, but I plan on staying in shape this summer with my former teammates in Madison, I was thinking of what to... Continue Reading →

April 2021 Scrambled Legs Update

It is crazy to me that Scrambled Legs is over 15 months old now... I am extremely grateful for all for all of the fun podcasts, conversations, blogs, and experiences that have come to this point of the journey. Scrambled Legs is nothing over-the-top special, which is what I love about our group so much.... Continue Reading →

The Victory Pizza

Pepperoni, Feta Cheese, and Sausage! What a pizza it was from The Roman Candle Pizzeria of Madison! What made the pizza even better was watching March Madness and eating the pizza with great friends of the podcast, Andrew Lindstrom and Emma Langer! Summing up the voting in my own words is simple: straightforward. Taking a... Continue Reading →

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