April 2021 Scrambled Legs Update

It is crazy to me that Scrambled Legs is over 15 months old now... I am extremely grateful for all for all of the fun podcasts, conversations, blogs, and experiences that have come to this point of the journey. Scrambled Legs is nothing over-the-top special, which is what I love about our group so much.... Continue Reading →

The Victory Pizza

Pepperoni, Feta Cheese, and Sausage! What a pizza it was from The Roman Candle Pizzeria of Madison! What made the pizza even better was watching March Madness and eating the pizza with great friends of the podcast, Andrew Lindstrom and Emma Langer! Summing up the voting in my own words is simple: straightforward. Taking a... Continue Reading →


This is not the easiest to see, so I will list the seedings, 1-20. 1-4. Pepperoni, Pineapple, Cheese (Extra, all kinds), Sausage. 5-8. Ham, Chicken (all kinds BBQ, Buffalo, etc.), Mushrooms, Bacon. 9-12. Egg, Basil, Banana Peppers, Green Peppers. Play in Match Ups- 13 Onions vs 20 Cinnamon. 14 Garlic vs 19 Green Olives. 15... Continue Reading →

March Topping Madness

One of my favorite month's of the year is upon us. I say this rather selfishly, my birthday, March Madness, the early feeling of Spring, sometimes a spring break, March really is a great month for myself! However, this is about something much more important... PIZZA TOPPINGS! This stuff gets my cholesterol flowing! After Ben's... Continue Reading →

Moving on Up

Today was a big day for Team Scrambled Legs! Coming off of a solid week of podcasts, with one covering the opening race of the NBTCC season in Ann Arbor and another with Wyatt LeClear coach at Shepherd High School in Mid/Northern-Michigan! My man Wyatt!! Ben will continue to have NBTCC on lock down and... Continue Reading →


This is like a odd version of, "The Sunday Scaries" (if you don't know what that is, you didn't hear about them from me). As I watch the final minutes of the season opening football game (Chiefs vs Texans) I think about what is ahead of me in slight terror. An entire semester of school... Continue Reading →

Scrambled Legs 2.0

You know what that means??? Of course you don't, so let me tell you all about it! While throughout the 35 current weeks of episodes we have created, Scrambled Legs has already made some big changes. Quickly I will cover those: Noah added Ben as a co-host to the podcast. They recruited some new bloggers... Continue Reading →

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