Scrambled Legs 2.0

You know what that means???

Of course you don’t, so let me tell you all about it!

While throughout the 35 current weeks of episodes we have created, Scrambled Legs has already made some big changes.

Quickly I will cover those:

Noah added Ben as a co-host to the podcast.

They recruited some new bloggers (Zack Benning, Joost Plate-In-Sink, and Dylan Sykes).

Ben began his biweekly show Cruisin’ Altitude.

Heck, we even made some mugs!!!

Now I am not sure if you all are familiar with the overall umbrella that we create content under.

Fatstacks Sports w/ Fats and YoYo

Fats is actually the guy that got me into this whole thing, and now with a degree in journalism, he is committing to content creation for at least a year to see if we can do something with this group!

You might recognize Fats as the interviewer in Episode 25, “Ben’s Change of Pace”

Likely our most powerful podcast, if you haven’t listened, please do!

Fatstacks is going into 2.0 with Fats about to go public and start some extreme content creation!!!

Now this excited me, and we are going to get after it too!

50 Best I'm So Excited Memes |

Between the Founding Fathers (Ben and I) we decided we didn’t need to officially go 2.0, we have been consistent and nothing large needs to change, we love what we are doing and we want to keep moving at about that rate.

Personally I have a goal that from this year September 1st to next September 1st, I would like to write 100 blogs, and continue to make at least 1 podcast per week.

I am working on clipping videos similar to The Joe Rogan Experience and putting 5-15 minute clips of topics on YouTube for those who want to see that.

This was my test run, not great, but could be worse.

I will let Ben speak for himself on what his exact plans are, but I can assure you he is bought into Scrambled Legs.

With school starting for all of us, there will be some tough and some easy weeks for creating blogs, podcasts, and whatever may be going on.

I will constantly be bothering our blog team, as I already have, to continue creating content from different places and perspectives.

Pick Up The Pace | Drama Ministry

However, in excitement I have tried to add some more people to the team, because that worked for Corunna XC, figured it will work for Scrambled Legs too, right?

More Is Better
We just like puppies at Scrambled Legs, lovable, cute, and better in packs!

This time, rather than blogs we are looking to podcasts.

I’ve cast the net out wide enough to catch a few keepers!!

First off, look for Wyatt LeClear, a coach at Shepherd HS in Michigan to start a more coach side oriented podcast here during September, he has some great ideas and even better connections!

2018 Shepherd Track State Qualifiers - YouTube

Second, we have a former guest who is going to jump right in and try a podcast of his own. Daniel Soto is back to give it another whirl, and I would guess a more story oriented podcast, but anything can happen!

Hawkeye Invitational – University of Iowa Athletics

I have asked a few more people and there is some interest, but we will leave that to when it happens!

High School XC has begun in many states, college teams have reported back at most places, there is a lot to be covered soon, and cover it we will!

Looking forward to Scrambled Legs podcast, look for a podcast with some of On Athletic Club runners, an athlete being trained by Drew Hunter, and 4 athletes, of the last 4 years from Division 2 XC and Track in Michigan that all have won a state title.

Top 2019 boys cross country times in Michigan as of Sep. 4 -

For anyone that has interest in joining our team, feel free to contact the Twitter or Instagram page and we can talk about a possible plan for you!

Any suggestions always feel free to let me know!

Thank you for all of the support so far, you all make this much more fun and worth it!

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Keep getting better!

Stack by Stack!

Growth Mindset!

Let’s RIDE!


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