Scrambled Legs

Fatstacks’ Running Podcast & Blog

By: Noah & Ben Jacobs

Contributors: Wyatt LeClear and Rowen Ellenberg

Podcast & Blog showing the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a distance runner. A Fatstacks Sports Production! Hosted By @_Ben_Jacobs and @noah_jacobs22. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Our man from Talkin’ Bout Practice @HeyCoachWyatt is always a great follow and @rowen_ellenberg will be writing some shoe reviews this summer for us! Check out @scrambledben for some fire content too!



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Meet the Runners

Noah Jacobs:

The founder of Scrambled Legs, Noah just graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with an Economics degree. Hailing from Corunna, Michigan, Noah has floppy hair, a love for basketball, and a face for podcasting!

Ben Jacobs:

Co-Host of Scrambled Legs Podcast, host of Cruisin’ Altitude, Ben just finished his 2nd year at the University of Michigan. Hailing from Corunna, Michigan, Ben loves dogs, is nearly a movie and music critic, and drives a Pontiac Vibe!

Rowen Ellenberg:

Shoe reviewer, Rowen Ellenberg running at University of Wisconsin from Kimberly, WI, just finished his sophomore year. Ro enjoys heelstriking, coffee, sitting on porches, and having curly hair.

Wyatt LeClear:

Our resident “wise warrior” Wyatt LeClear is a coach at Sheperd High School in Mid-Michigan. Wyatt runs Talkin’ Bout Practice for us and dabbles in many other areas! He enjoys running the 40 yard dash and the band “The Burning Bushes”!




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