Trading my Ford Focus for a Tesla

Hopefully you didn't think I actually bought a Tesla. First year Physical Therapy school. Lots of debt. Not happening. What’s the main difference between the two? (for non Elon Musk fanboys) A Ford Focus burns fuel like a Corunna native making a bonfire, while a Tesla runs smoothly for hours on basic electricity. Side note:... Continue Reading →

Noah’s Slight Life Update

Hey folks, Noah Jacobs still here. I don't feel that I have been letting you down with content, due to our recent podcasts and staying on track with that. However I have also been bothering our blog team to start pumping out some pieces, so I think its due diligence that I update people as... Continue Reading →

To Mask… Or Not to Mask?

With all of the craziness going on, I've been thinking a lot about the whole to mask or not to mask issue. I get that public health officials have gone back and forth on this, and that masks are not fun to wear. Believe me, an 8-hour retail shift with a mask is ZERO fun.... Continue Reading →

To Train… Or to Be Trained

A Hamlet knock off of, "To be... or not to be... that is thy question". Soliloquy what a funny word The bad part about this question is what the answer is. BOTH! I can hear you, "now Noah, what do you mean you are both training and being trained at the same time?", ahh yes... Continue Reading →

Ben’s “Change of Pace”

Being Ben's older brother, co-host, former 1-2 punch, teammate, and many other things connecting us made his removal from the Michigan Track and Field Team due to budgetary restrictions difficult for me as well. In leading off, I thought that Fats from the Fatstacks Sports Team would conduct a better interview for this than I... Continue Reading →

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