THE SEC WILL BE THE NCAA IN 30 YEARS (conference realignment) & AARON RODGERS BENDS OVER GREEN BAY! 00:00-7:00 -- Aaron Rodgers bended the PACKERS over a barrel and I just don't understand why these franchises (both NFL and NBA) cater to these guys! 7:00-30:00 -- TEXAS AND OKLAHOMA leave the BIG 12 and I don't blame them or the SEC for this... conference realignment and what will happen due to the... Continue Reading →

Noah’s MTP Top 5s

First off, I could not be more excited that @bennythejetjacobs 2nd Official MTP Bracket is now underway! Since I did not write the blogs, have much input into what was chosen, but followed along and have now formed opinions about 90% of the albums, I am here to tell you some of my favorites! I... Continue Reading →

Noah’s Training Log 7/19 – 7/25

Monday- 30 Mins and Sand Volleyball Worked a shift today, then went straight to play sand volleyball and get in the lake after that. The run about an hour after that was not the greatest, but thanks to Seth we averaged about 6:20 pace and I was really struggling when we started to dip down... Continue Reading →

NEW POD 7/21: Is CP3 the POINT PETER and not the POINT GOD (lol) & GIANNIS is INCREDIBLE + SPACE JAM 2 REVIEW (I watched this pos so you don’t have to):

00:00-10:00 SPACE JAM 2 REVIEW - LBJ's acting- the soundtrack- the overall dumpster fire it was10:00-32:00 NBA FINALS RECAP- CP3's legacy/inspiration- Booker's future- GIANNIS, just wow- everything else finals thanks for listening, make sure to subscribe and leave a rating in the comments... back next week for another FATSTACKS SPORTS PODCAST.

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