“Benny The Jet’s” Big week in Madison

Sometimes in life, especially life as a distance runner, things don't go exactly as you expect or hope. Sometimes life goes completely sideways, destroying any plans you might've had and sending you back to the drawing board. I think that, for a lot of us, the Covid-19 outbreak was that sometimes. If I was a... Continue Reading →

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Ben’s “Change of Pace”

Being Ben's older brother, co-host, former 1-2 punch, teammate, and many other things connecting us made his removal from the Michigan Track and Field Team due to budgetary restrictions difficult for me as well. In leading off, I thought that Fats from the Fatstacks Sports Team would conduct a better interview for this than I... Continue Reading →

The Catch Up

June 10th. What a day it is! A special day as my Pops celebrates his BDay! Happy Birthday Pops! (shout out mama too) Another great friend of mine Josh Richardson who is an avid supporter and has some awesome photos with me turns another year older today! You got get em today Tiger! What a... Continue Reading →

MAYhem in Madison

As I hoped earlier this week, I completed 200 miles biking this week. According to Strava and Garmin Connect, 204.4 to be exact at this moment! Even making a delivery to Oregon, Wisconsin (shout-out to Brian Vasey for the support and being patient with my not some timely delivery) of a hat and checking out... Continue Reading →

MOO-Ville Madness: Racing in Quarantine

Howdy everyone! First crack at this whole blog thingy so strap-in, could be a bumpy ride, but hey, we’ll grow together. So anywho, we’ve all been impacted by this stay-at-home order in one way or another yeah? As a runner who was looking forward to some springtime racing, it definitely threw a wrench in any... Continue Reading →

Humid Hustling

The weather has turned a corner for the Midwest faithful. We have entered 80 degrees and muggy as all get out. You know what that means? A few tougher workouts, an extra load of sweat, and miserable runs if you don't try to beat the peak temperatures. Now you probably think that you know what... Continue Reading →


PURE EXCITEMENT! The energy in the metaphorical building is through the roof right now! Ben and I are excited to announce that through recruitment, pestering, invitations, and possible friendship we have added 3 new bloggers/contributors to Team Scrambled Legs! Who could possibly have reached a status to do such a thing? Who could possibly step... Continue Reading →

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