Previewing Episode 20

Scrambled Legs Podcast has been around for a decent little chunk of time now! Releasing every Thursday since almost the turn of 2020, Ben and I are having more fun with it than ever! Solid Corunna throwback photo. L-R: Coach Bryan Heid, Ben, me, Dakota Hundley and Coach Dave Brown. We have gone SoundCloud Premium,... Continue Reading →

Scrambled Legs- Mug Review

There she is folks Have you ever been sitting at your kitchen table bright and early sippin' a fresh cup of that rejuvenating, energizing, soul nectar that the layperson refers to as "coffee" and wished that it had a pair of legs coming out of an eggshell on the front of it? Yeah me neither,... Continue Reading →


Way to work everybody, you survived another week of quarantine! Spring is trying to creep in and give us all hope, but it has not made a full appearance and is essentially teasing us. However, that should not stop you from finding ways to better yourself. Personally I had a very solid week, got to... Continue Reading →

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