July MTP Day 2- Kris “Kristofferson”

Kris Kristofferson was, and likely is still, a man of many talents. In 1965, Kristofferson left a teaching position at the United States Military Academy to seek success in the music industry. After moving to Nashville and trying to make his way as a songwriter, unsuccessfully, he took a job piloting helicopters to and from... Continue Reading →

Noah’s Training Log July 5-11

Monday- 30 Minutes at Houghton Lake Got out one more time before we (Shuaib, Abdullahi and I) hit the road back to Madison. Did not want to do anything much so that the car ride would start with me being tight already. An awesome batch of days with some awesome people. 10/10 would recommend. Not... Continue Reading →

July 2021 MTP- Musician-Thespians

There's no way around it: some people are just really, really talented. Obviously my respect for music and the people who make it is through the roof, I mean come on, have you ever tried to sing well, play an instrument, write lyrics to a song, or sat down and tried to compose even a... Continue Reading →

“GRUNGEBOY”, Dil’s First EP

For those who don't know, Dil is an artist from a small town in mid-Michigan who I had the pleasure of racing against in high school and who I would consider to be a personal friend of mine. Dil started in the music scene last year releasing a handful of singles, all of which I... Continue Reading →

Noah’s Weekly Training 6/21-6/27

Monday- Hour Run. 45 Min Ride. The Body Core Circuit. This was a glorious way to get better on a day off of work. After the family visited, this was a good way to refocus again. Seems like the body is coming back around. Tuesday- Badger Workout in Moderation. Volleyball this Night. While in college... Continue Reading →

Noah’s Weekly Training June 14-20

Here we go... another week of a real mixed bag of training. Let's get to it! Monday: 55 Minute Run. 9 Holes Golf. Ran a sweet state park (High Cliff) up in Appleton visiting sir Rowen Ellenberg. Golfed overly terrible. Very bad. Good experience around the High Cliff neighborhood though! Tuesday: Chiropractor Appointment and Fair... Continue Reading →

Noah’s Weekly Training June 7-13

Exactly like this Monday- MLR (Medium Long Run) Hour and a little extra run. Was getting warm but this run went very well. Felt pretty solid today. Tuesday- Arb Loop after Work. 9 Holes Golf Was going to run 10x Min On/Off but after 5 of those I realized it wasn't a light workout to... Continue Reading →

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