April 2021 Scrambled Legs Update

It is crazy to me that Scrambled Legs is over 15 months old now…

I am extremely grateful for all for all of the fun podcasts, conversations, blogs, and experiences that have come to this point of the journey.

Scrambled Legs is nothing over-the-top special, which is what I love about our group so much. We are far from social media prominent, we are not the most professional people in the world, and we certainly do not work out of high quality studios.

Recently the headmaster of Fatstacks Sports (Fats) began a job for Bally Sports Detroit, but from what we know to this point, he will be resuming Fatstacks content after he gets settled in at the new job. Personally, I couldn’t be happier to see that guy continue to chase dreams and make an impact.

Atta way Fats!

Personally for our group, this is a pretty crazy time of the year.

Wyatt LeClear host of Talkin’ Bout Practice is currently coaching again (thank goodness) at Shepherd where he always has. While the HS season continues on, we do not expect Wyatt to be focusing on his podcast, shaping young athletes is far more important to our group, and Wyatt is great at it!

Benny is going through the ringer right now of a semester winding down. He has also begun working at Side Biscuit right across the street from his house. Benny will be slowing down a little bit after today’s finale of the MTP and his education is more important than creating the perfect Cruisin’ Altitude every Tuesday.

I recommend checking this place out on the weekends to see Benny in action.

For myself (Noah Jacobs), graduation is nearing. Within a month of a bachelors degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the “real world” approaching quickly.

For those that are curious: I plan to work in Madison this summer, continue training at a much lower level, fine tune my basketball game, take a road trip or two, try some new beers, and enjoy a final summer as a “kid” before working for Jacobs Insurance Agency next year.

With a career coming my way, I am unsure about exactly what my goal is with Scrambled Legs, I really enjoy it, but that does not mean that it will continue on forever. Week to week we will go, I certainly plan to continue it on through the summer, maybe even start making some pretty simple workout videos to post to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or maybe even YouTube just to show people what I like to do for fitness!

In a perfect world, I would like to add another show to the Scrambled Legs/Fatstacks crew. I may even mess around and begin working with Fats on a show every few weeks where I talk more about other sports and pop-culture and less running focused.

I am hopeful to get one more race in a Wisconsin jersey before it is all over, but you never really know. My body is pretty battered, but I will continue to pray on it and follow God’s plan for me, trusting it as confusing as it may be at different times.

I also hope to coach in the future, but we will see how I feel about that as I get closer, I have a lot to learn about a different career before I try to throw myself into coaching as well.

I should probably worry about finishing school on the right note before I let my mind jump all to far ahead in my personal timeline.

I live in the present due to..." [500 x 750] -Hank Green | Physics quotes,  Words, Quotes

Thanks to J.O. Outfitters hats will be flying in soon! Make sure to check out J.O. for many great outdoor hats!

If you guys have any suggestions to things we should test out this summer, please feel free to let us know!

Keep on Scrambling those Legs folks! ROCK AND ROLL!


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