Moving on Up

Today was a big day for Team Scrambled Legs!

Coming off of a solid week of podcasts, with one covering the opening race of the NBTCC season in Ann Arbor and another with Wyatt LeClear coach at Shepherd High School in Mid/Northern-Michigan!

Wyatt LeClear (@NotACoachWyatt) | Twitter
My man Wyatt!!

Ben will continue to have NBTCC on lock down and provide updates, interviews, and content for the races happening in his neck of the woods!

Today the NBTCC 1500 will be run, and you can check that out at the site below for a live stream at 4:30 ET

However, in even bigger news, Scrambled Legs has added a music influence, and another podcast!

DiL is an up and coming artist, and he is a runner too!

DiL is Dillan Haviland a competitor of Ben and mine from back in the Corunna Cavalier days!

Dillan is now running for Davenport, after transferring from Lansing Community College, after racking up many all-state performances and a few epic races at St. Johns against Ben and I!

LCC XC/TRACK & FIELD (@LccXC_Track) | Twitter

His latest song “Anxious” is legitimately a banger, and he is also selling some merchandise to benefit mental health in the state of Michigan!

Check out his Insta to find out about the gear, and any new song he releases!

After that as I said, we have added a new podcast!

Follow @HeyCoachWyatt to find out about our newest podcaster!

This is a podcast more focused on the coaching side of thing, and the first episode was released TODAY!

This is an awesome add to our podcast rotation, and this could even be our most relevant podcast with HS XC in full swing and collegiate XC being at a different point!

Thanks to all of the listeners, followers, runners, guests, and really anything to do with Scrambled Legs!

We love and appreciate all of you, we are going to continue to make content and hopefully continue to bring a positive energy to the running community!

Recently we have surpassed 5000 SoundCloud plays, and 200 followers on Twitter!

We could not be more blessed with a great group of people in our corner, and we are always open to suggestions from you all!

Happy Training!


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