DJ Boogie’s Musical Training Plan

By Ben Jacobs (AKA Benny the Jet, AKA DJ Boogie)

Following the most recent episode of Cruisin’ Altitude in which I gave my thoughts on the newly updated Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums list, Noah had an idea. Noah told me that I should do 10 day long album challenges, because I love music so much, I enjoy sharing things with people, and you can never have too much content, right? I didn’t like the idea at first. 10 is a lot of days, and who cares enough to listen to a bunch of random albums that I like a lot? But there was enough there to work with. We talked about it, I did some thinking as to what could be good and the result was this:

DJ Boogie’s Musical Training Plan. The first full week of every month I’m going to select a theme and hand pick a week’s worth of albums that fit that theme. I heard that some of the other members of the Fatstacks Family may be selecting 1 album a piece for the people to give a go during the remainder of that month, but that isn’t official yet. Also not set in stone, this month I’m going to reveal each album the day of. Next month I’ll put out the full list the day before and we can see which way you all prefer. Here is what is set though:

Each month there will be only 7 albums that I carefully choose. The order that I present them in will be for a reason and I encourage you to follow it, if you don’t want to though, whatever, you do you, man. On the day that each album corresponds to I will be putting up a blog about the album, explaining why I picked it and presenting a general rundown/discussion of the album. There will likely be a discussion of the albums on Cruisin’ Altitude after the Training Plan is done.

That’s about all that I have to say regarding it, I hope that everyone will enjoy this new thing as much as I’ve enjoyed listening to way too much music, carefully picking 7 albums, and writing about them. I’ll conclude this blog with the weekly theme, starting tomorrow.

70 Years of Pop

1 pop album per decade starting with the 1950’s and ending at the 2010’s.

DJ Boogie signing off

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