Noah’s Training Log July 5-11

Monday- 30 Minutes at Houghton Lake

Got out one more time before we (Shuaib, Abdullahi and I) hit the road back to Madison. Did not want to do anything much so that the car ride would start with me being tight already. An awesome batch of days with some awesome people. 10/10 would recommend.

Not actual footage of when we were there

Tuesday- Day Off.

Had work and after the drive back, no reason to do anything too much this day but nap, recover, play video games, and maybe work on my jumper a little bit.

Wednesday- Medium Long Run

Got roped into this with some of the Badgers. Ran with those guys but nobody was really going in the 8ish mile range, so I went 10.5. Makes mileage for any given week a lot easier for a guy with low standards like myself. Rainy run, but really enjoyed it, pace was pretty easy, conversation was hilarious, and the GOOD TIMES ROLL!

Thursday- 8×400 @73 w/ 45 seconds off.

Helped Liam with his start of the summer workout. I did not feel good, but this was fairly easy. Just banging out lap after lap at a controlled pace. Pretty low mileage day for this technically being a workout.

Tempos vs. Speed Workout | Team Run4PRs Coaching
All of these somewhat interest me but I think that the rest is GIANT on all of these.

Friday- 35 Minutes.

Got in a short run before work and the recording of another podcast today. Felt pretty average at best, did not run fast at all, but maybe that was what I needed.

Saturday- 35 Minutes.

After a quality night, a few beers, a greasy spoon breakfast, and conversations of nonsense, this was a lovely time with Daniel Soto of Iowa and Olin. Felt bad tho…


Sunday- Fartlek MLR

Ran 5 miles before doing 12x Minute on Minute Off. In my opinion a fartlek should mainly be effort based, I was just hoping to run about 5:30 pace for the on reps and 6:30 range for the off to keep it honest and not have it be a crazy workout, but not to barely jog around and try to go over the top. Mainly I was running around 5:10 for the on portion which was a good sign. Definitely fatigued by the end after lack of sleep and a large Sunday of work. However, something like this that might not seem like much, can really help you on the given day, and other days it might be a cake walk, other days it may just be a set back. Listen to that body.

A basic way of what some of the workout terms I give mean

Weekly Total: 41 Miles.

Weekly Summary: This was a pleasantly good week. It is amazing that with 4 days not being over 6 miles and a day off that I can still hit 40+ miles without to much strain. Sunday actually gave me some moderate confidence that there is some positive fitness in my legs and that I am still in pretty solid shape after a 4th of July 5K that I wasn’t super happy about, but wasn’t mad about.

Time to keep getting in some consistent miles, keep the body healthy, and hopefully find some more Tempo pace, race pace, or really any type of workout pace mileage throughout these weeks. Maybe I will look into some easy shorter hill reps or a place for some hill strides.

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