July 2021 MTP- Musician-Thespians

There’s no way around it: some people are just really, really talented. Obviously my respect for music and the people who make it is through the roof, I mean come on, have you ever tried to sing well, play an instrument, write lyrics to a song, or sat down and tried to compose even a few bars of music? Well I have, and it isn’t easy. You know what else isn’t easy? Acting. Few people really appreciate the achievement that is a good on screen acting performance but, again, I’ve tried it and I sucked because it’s really hard to do. So few who try to make it big in either music or acting ever get very far, which makes the class of artist that this month’s MTP is dedicated to showcasing extremely impressive. Everyone once in a while a talented musician or thespian decides to give it a shot and test their talents on the other side, and sometimes they actually do a pretty good job. The next 7 days of blogs will highlight 7 such artists whose talents are not just incredible, but varied. Men and women who’ve dabbled both in the booth and on the screen and done a pretty good job at both.

This is a music blog so I’m not going to waste time critiquing the acting performances of the artists we’ll be talking about, but I will provide some context and highlight some important aspects of the acting careers in question. After that though, it’s just business as usual. See you back tomorrow for some discussion and appreciation of the 1st of 7 awesome records!

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