Scrambled Legs Weekly Training Log

Since I have gotten to college, most Sundays (especially during heavy training blocks) I send a log to my coach at Wisconsin: Mick Byrne.

Now that I am done officially running for a team, but I plan on staying in shape this summer with my former teammates in Madison, I was thinking of what to do with my training.

Obviously, you can find me on Strava HERE if you would like to!

The Old Bio Pic

However, I try not to take up too much time writing out descriptions or detailing everything that I do on Strava, because I usually do that in a log. So I figured why stop the not turn the logs into blogs!

I start each week on a Monday-Sunday training cycle, and I will try to upload a blog on Sunday or Monday depending on motivation and when I am working during the summer.

12-Week Training Log for Runners | Running journal printable, Running  journal, Excel calendar template

I will do my best to include “cross-training” activities that I do. Between bike rides (probably not riding to work and back), golfing, playing basketball, sand volleyball, and core/strength work. Since I do enjoy quite a few other things outside of running.

I will be mixing up workouts and trying to explain why I did something, or what I enjoy about certain types of workouts, and things will be less intense than training when I was running collegiately.

If you ever want to share a workout I should try, please do! If you ever want advice, or even somebody to under the table coach you, I’m certainly open to that as well!

Figured I would share my little plan with you guys, hopefully you will enjoy it!

Next on the CLOCK: Greatest 4th in The North 5K- Lake City, Michigan!


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