Summer Training: May 24-30

The first true installment of the Weekly Training of Noah was nothing special for certain. Lots of exercise within the week however.

Monday- 50 Minutes with Olin. 9 Holes of Golf.

Was a good run by the end of it. Did not feel great early, but ran a few trails with Olin and mixed up some routes and it was very enjoyable seeing some new things.

Tuesday- 50ish Mins after Work.

Threw in some hill surges while running in Maple Bluff. Random hill lengths, consistent efforts on them just to shake things up. Averaged 6:23 pace for the whole run which is much faster than my typical easy run, but not planning to do any organized workouts this week, so today was nice.

Wednesday- Morning 40ish Mins

Woke up early to run before my 9AM shift. Felt rough early on, but I forgot how nice morning runs are when you get used to waking up and actually moving.

Thursday- 8 Miles with Carl and Eric

The weather was miserable, but the run was very nice with former teammate and current religious discipleship partner. Lot of love on this run, made it much easier to run with some new guys.

Friday- Day Off

Weather was bad, my hip was upset, decided a day off was going to be a proper day, just enjoy some video games. Relax and recover.

Saturday- UTC Sprint Day 1

I did a 10 Minute shake out in the middle of the day. UTC was a great experience to grow in faith and learn how to invite God into my life in more areas than specifically reading the bible or prayer. Lot of HIIT exercises, so very sore muscles.

Sunday- UTC Sprint Day 2

This one kicked my butt. We did a short run as a group in the morning, but bear crawl, wall sits, a bunch of stuff that a runner doesn’t normally do. This is going to hurt for a few days. God is good.

Weekly Total: 30 Miles

Weekly Summary: This week doesn’t look like anything. After UTC Sprint I am still extremely sore (typing this Tuesday morning). I’ve been biking short distances a fair amount, but no significant rides to be counted as cross-training. Sunday night I had some boys visit and we may have been up a little later and drank a touch more than is optimal for peak training. We will see what Monday brings (groggy face). I’m going to take as long as my body needs to catch up after UTC, hoping to at least get in a serious bike ride at some point early in the week if my legs aren’t quite around for running yet. God is good, body is healthy (but very sore), and on we go! Greatest 4th in the North: WE COMING!

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