Previewing Episode 20

Scrambled Legs Podcast has been around for a decent little chunk of time now!

Releasing every Thursday since almost the turn of 2020, Ben and I are having more fun with it than ever!

Corunna Athletics on Twitter: "Honoring All-State Cross Country ...
Solid Corunna throwback photo. L-R: Coach Bryan Heid, Ben, me, Dakota Hundley and Coach Dave Brown.

We have gone SoundCloud Premium, all episodes are staying up. We started tossing podcasts on Spotify. We have had some very fun guests and continued to try to use our strengths and talk running and entertainment with the quarantine.

Ben has really blossomed within the podcast and being away from each other but being able to Skype and do a podcast for approximately 75 minutes once a week has been awesome!

Ben and I have grown a lot closer (or it seems that way) which is especially pleasing saying that we had a period when we hardly got along at all.

If you look at the podcasts we have made, I have gone through plenty of my teammates at Wisconsin and people of my choosing.

Now seemed like the time for Ben to get some guys from the Wolverine family on the podcast.

New Era of U-M Distance Running Debuts at Michigan Open ...

The guests for episode 20 did not disappoint. They brought their A-game for the podcast and their passing game for the preparation.

2 gents that I am also familiar with made it even easier. Joost Plaetinck and Jacob “Sloan” Lee join Ben and i to discuss our favorite comedy movies ever.

Now Ben’s teammates, I actually stayed in Joost and Sloan’s room on my official visit to the University of Michigan in 2016.

Image result for joost plaetinck
The 2 on the left would be Joost then Sloan joined by teammate Jacob Branch

These guys brought a great chemistry and now I live in fear that Ben has the possibility of overthrowing my power as “Scrambler in Chief”.

Regardless of how power hungry I may be, Ben, Joost and Sloan brought a great energy, a lot of great ideas, quality points and debates, and may even get another appearance back on the show.

Taking all of our individual top 5 list, we created an altogether top 5 or as Joost said, “Mount Rushmore plus 1”.

Love our final list or hate our final list, we had a lot of fun doing it and somehow made our way down to 5 final movies with lots of “brainpower”.

Not our list, but a worthy watch with your boredom

After all of this, I can’t help but feel blessed and grateful about the podcast. It has brought me closer with my brother, it has helped me to have some fun conversations and hear some great stories, meet a few new people, and pursue something I have an interest in!

Thank you all for your support, for you listens, shares, likes, retweets, or whatever it may be! I know that it means a lot to both Ben and I, and we also hope that we are creating some content that you genuinely enjoy once a week!

Stay safe, keep getting better, and grind on!


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