Summer of Golf 2020: Good, Bad, and the Ugly Duck Hooks

By Klouse, Expert Golf Analyst

If one positive thing was to be said about the dreaded year that has been 2020, it would be that this GOLF SEASON HAS BEEN ELECTRIC CITY. No matter what age or how good you are at golf, even if you have never swung a club before, you still made it out to your local golf course. Largely because it was, and still is, one of the only activities you can do nowadays that is still feels totally normal.

The Good: If somebody told me back in April that this Summer would be as much of a bang as it has been, I would have called you delusional. Golfing with all the buddies of mine literally every single day was such a golden goose. So many awesome courses that I got to play all over the state, ( “IT’S LIT” ) to the tension packed match-ups in scrambles, bets, and Fatstacks Sports’s very own Power 3 heavyweight golf series (which I will be looking for a two game sweep next year). Or the classic “C Hills Friday night special” where I think literally the whole city of Corunna gathered to play twilight golf. The ride has been fun, and honestly I think my wallet is glad the Summer of Golf 2020 is winding down…

The Bad: On the flip side, this has been a weird golfing year in terms of my scores. I have never shot better in my life considering how much I have golfed, but dumb mistakes keep plaguing most rounds this year. A round that has two under par ‘potentiDUCKHOOK’! Boom, out of nowhere captain hook comes out and just takes the wind outta my sails. Argggg! So that leads to, well if you know me best, you know that it is a swear fest like no other, and probably makes you wonder if I need golf therapy. Hopefully the swing yips (“Pull the Trigger Kevin!!” will be fixed for the 2021 season.

The Ugly: I will take this opportunity to reflect on the other golfers I have seen or even have golfed with this summer who just flat out SUCK! (you know who you are) Because my kind of bad golf probably isn’t the same as your kind of bad golf. Granted I am no pro, but I don’t hold up other groups and cause logjams on the course. SLOW PLAY IS PURE TORTURE. The bottom line is, if you require more than two shots to get out of a bunker or can’t keep a ball in play off the tee and go in the trees every shot, please pick up your ball or opt for a fast paced scramble, because there are other groups behind you. Please just play faster, or get lessons on a range. The golf course, especially when busy, is NOT the place for lessons!

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