This is like a odd version of, “The Sunday Scaries” (if you don’t know what that is, you didn’t hear about them from me).

As I watch the final minutes of the season opening football game (Chiefs vs Texans) I think about what is ahead of me in slight terror.

An entire semester of school awaits me…

As I am sure many students can relate to, I have yet to find that rhythm.

Typically in a collegiate school semester, it takes 3-5 weeks to find a rhythm of what is happening and when it is happening.

Then exams pop up and mess everything up, but I won’t worry about those yet.

While some things refuse to come back and click into place, other bad habits return…

Clash Of Clans Or Clash Royale: Which Is Better? | iTech Post

Every 18 months or so, I have a relapse.

I begin to play Clash of Clans and/or Clash Royale again to distract myself from school (not an ideal habit).

If you wish to join my clan, I got really creative and named it Scrambled Legs in both apps.

Along with that I have recently found a strong enjoyment in PGA 2K21 which is a game that surprised me with how enjoyable it is!

PGA Tour 2K21 review: Finally, a golf game that's the best of both worlds |  Golf Channel

For example, during an online lecture this morning, I played a smooth 18 holes in the background of that, even won my tournament.

Outside of the school struggles that I will eventually find myself in, I have something most runners can relate to!

The oddity that comes with the transition from summer training to school year training.

I think this has a different effect on every runner, while taking varying amount of times to adjust to.

For myself, it is the change from generally running in the morning after at most a lighter breakfast snack (bagel with peanut butter and banana is a classic for me) to the after lunch running.

Generally during the school year in Madison, typical meeting time for running is 2:45 PM and that requires some form of lunch to be eaten before.

Moving from not much food, to multiple meals (big or small) is a large difference and you have to be a touch more cautious.


I have already found myself on both ends of not eating enough and feeling worn down during runs, and eating too close to a run or too much for lunch and feeling bogged down during runs.

No major stomach issues to this point (knock on wood) and I think I am starting to get over the hump.

If you have read this far, I figure I may as well give you a slight update on my training as a reward!

In a nearly as exciting as Fatstacks Sports shifting it up a few gears, I have changed training styles as well!

Train Smarter - Running Podcast | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts

Many of my followers know this, but many do not.

After being blessed with great health and success in high school, the same has not remained throughout collegiate training and racing.

I have strained muscles, sadly collected a few stress fractures, and been very up and down with health consistency.

Currently I am healthy (again knock on wood) and feel good in training!

With the lack of a cross-country season, we have decided to shift my training to smaller volumes, with more drills, strides, and mobility.

I am training with the middle distance group which has been an interesting change of pace.

Thanks to great coaching, and a lot of help from teammate Austin Rendon in the transition, I have strung together some solid weeks, with some solid workouts!

Austin Rendon | Men's Track & Field | Wisconsin Badgers
Thanks Rendizzle

My weekly mileage has backed down from previous seasons to about 60-65 without doubles as of now.

I am doing hurdle mobility, drills, and some form of strides twice a week.

I’ve been working out Tuesday and Friday with different sessions bascially every week.

Finally bringing long run back a touch to a maximum of 90 minutes and generally running about 13 miles on each Sunday.

This has me feeling not in peak form, but fresh throughout most days of the week!

I think the combination of feeling fresh and not necessarily filled with pop or “GREAT” on more days and being able to mentally calm and handle myself has been of extreme importance in trying to stabilize my physical health.

3 Ways Employers Can Support Employees' Mental Health

I am having some of the most fun I have had running in years, with lots of help from teammates, coaches, roommates, family and friends!

Hopefully I can stay healthy, bang out some more solid weeks, and run a few time trials to test myself, maybe even find a new PR or 2??

If you ever want to talk training with me, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I love talking “running shop”!

I actually am helping to train a few people this fall as well and plan on coaching one day!

In swimming through all of this nonsense, things are going pretty well for me. School is going to hit hard at some point, but I’ll find a way to get back up again!

You’re never gonna keep me down

Message me about training, the podcast, or Clash of Clans/Royale anytime!

Keep getting better!



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