January 20201 Musical Training Plan- New Beginnings

Ah finally that God forsaken year 2020 has come to an end and, I hate to break it to you, now that it’s 2021 nothing has actually changed yet. We’re still the same people, circumstances still kinda suck, and we all still like the same music. The problem with expanding your taste in music, as so many of us struggle to do, is that we never know when to start. Plus when you already know what you like then why ruin a good thing? And my response to that question is simple: Shut up. You can never like enough music, there is just too much of it to go around.

So here I am, the guy who likes everything, here to encourage you to try out some new music that you’ve never tried before. That’s what this month’s theme is all about: New Beginnings! Over the course of the coming week I’m going to recommend and write about 7 albums of 7 different genres all of which serve as great starting points into their respective genres. A number of attributes about each of these albums make them excellent gateways into their genre and I will expound up that for each album when the time comes.

So uhhhh, yeah that’s about it. I guess I don’t have a lot to say about this theme. Pretty simple I guess. Well, I hope you enjoy it, Lord knows I will. Scrambled Legs for life! Benny out.

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