Week 3 CFB #yoyobets

After some heartbreakers, I am staying afloat. I got a massive week with my favorite betting card of the year so far coming in hot. ONWARD TO WEEK 3 CAPTAIN YOYO! Burn. The. Boats. Michigan State unfortunately looks very good right now. They are going to expose a Miami team that everyone is really high... Continue Reading →

Week 2 CFB #yoyobets

Sup Losers. We are still here. Decent week last week. Lost a couple big ones. Here are some takeaways after Week 1: Clemson can't scoreGeorgia's D-Line might be the best I have ever seen in my lifetime.UCLA with Chip Kelly... works.Joe Milton is going to be a heisman candidate for the Vols. College Football is... Continue Reading →

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