Week 3 CFB #yoyobets

After some heartbreakers, I am staying afloat. I got a massive week with my favorite betting card of the year so far coming in hot. ONWARD TO WEEK 3 CAPTAIN YOYO! Burn. The. Boats. Michigan State unfortunately looks very good right now. They are going to expose a Miami team that everyone is really high... Continue Reading →

Week 2 CFB #yoyobets

Sup Losers. We are still here. Decent week last week. Lost a couple big ones. Here are some takeaways after Week 1: Clemson can't scoreGeorgia's D-Line might be the best I have ever seen in my lifetime.UCLA with Chip Kelly... works.Joe Milton is going to be a heisman candidate for the Vols. College Football is... Continue Reading →

Week 1 CFB #yoyobets

2-4 on the year. Week Zero doesn't count right? This locomotive does not turn around. Full steam ahead the rest of the season. ONWARD WITH THE PICKS CAPTAIN YOYO! Ohio State opens their season as 13.5 point favorites vs the Gophers and boy did I get lucky. This line is a no-brainer. Buckeyes win big... Continue Reading →

Week 0 CFB #yoyobets

Nebraska @ Illinois Bring out the blackshirts. Nebraska is 10-0 in all games in August. Why would you need any other stat? Illinois is switching up their entire offense. They are going to be clueless against the Huskers. Nebraska -6.5. UCONN @ Fresno State UCONN has not played football in more than a year. They... Continue Reading →

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