This is like a odd version of, "The Sunday Scaries" (if you don't know what that is, you didn't hear about them from me). As I watch the final minutes of the season opening football game (Chiefs vs Texans) I think about what is ahead of me in slight terror. An entire semester of school... Continue Reading →

Scrambled Legs 2.0

You know what that means??? Of course you don't, so let me tell you all about it! While throughout the 35 current weeks of episodes we have created, Scrambled Legs has already made some big changes. Quickly I will cover those: Noah added Ben as a co-host to the podcast. They recruited some new bloggers... Continue Reading →

Christmas in August

Every college runner understands what this means. For some, it means much more than it does for others, but I am pretty sure that everybody loves free stuff!!! GEAR DAY!!! The girls always toss a good Instagram story or 2 about the new gear, the freshman foam at the mouth just thinking about the gear... Continue Reading →

Noah’s Slight Life Update

Hey folks, Noah Jacobs still here. I don't feel that I have been letting you down with content, due to our recent podcasts and staying on track with that. However I have also been bothering our blog team to start pumping out some pieces, so I think its due diligence that I update people as... Continue Reading →

To Train… Or to Be Trained

A Hamlet knock off of, "To be... or not to be... that is thy question". Soliloquy what a funny word The bad part about this question is what the answer is. BOTH! I can hear you, "now Noah, what do you mean you are both training and being trained at the same time?", ahh yes... Continue Reading →

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