EP 106: ‘Sports Betting in Michigan is HERE! Super Tuesday is coming in hot and Patriotic YOYO loves it, Joe Lunardi & Bracketology, Zoos are evil, Corona, Bumble is AWESOME, and Fats gets Robbed (literally) IS OUT NOW!!!

Old school tiger stadium -- The BEST! Today’s show is a new style … We just decided we were going to start the show with a list of topics and press record without any regiment or time restraints. As a result, YOYO and Fats rambled on for 3 hours … But I think it’s one... Continue Reading →

Episode 104 of the Fatstacks Podcast is live now: ‘Ghost Stories, Corona-Virus, Mob Talk, the Illuminati, & other Conspiracy Theories W/ Dr. Bindshutel’

The menacing horse statue at the Denver Airport. Listen to the podcast to hear more about why this thing is so evil. https://soundcloud.com/user-117519496/ghost-stories-mob-talk-dia-illuminati-hq-talk-with-bindshutel Today's show is one that you might not want to listen to at night... It's a creepy one. First, we start by talking about our experiences with ghosts (Fats has a lot)... Continue Reading →

Episode 103 of the Fatstacks Podcast is live now: ‘Fats Turns 21, Wayside might be Donezo, MSU Coaching Hires, & Secret Underground Tunnels’

https://soundcloud.com/user-117519496/fats-turns-21-prep We try something new on today's show with a new rundown style featuring stories on Fats' upcoming 21st bday, Wayside's fallout on early Sunday morning, MSU's coaching hires, favorite bets and stats, and a BYU student's hidden underground tunnel system. It's a great show filled with a lot of laughs, enjoy and let us... Continue Reading →

Requiem for Mark Dantonio; Thank you.

EAST LANSING, Mich. -- October 2007. The rivalry was dead. Michigan had just won seven straight and 10 of the last 12 games against their in-state rival Michigan State when in the post game-presser following a 28-24 Wolverines victory in Spartan Stadium, Michigan's Mike Hart called MSU Michigan's "little brother". Then Dantonio took to the... Continue Reading →

If I was the GM of the Detroit Lions, I would turn them into a Super Bowl-winning team. Even if it meant I had to sleep with Owner Martha Ford to do so.

We're currently living in Hell on Earth as Lions fans; We haven't won a title since '57, a playoff game since '92, we lost our last nine games of the regular season, and in general, we are the laughingstock of the league. However, this isn't something we aren't used too, we've grown accustomed to Hell's... Continue Reading →

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