NEW FATSTACKS SPORTS SHOW 8/30: CFB Week 1 Preview/Week 0 Recap || Jake Paul || Fake HSFB Team gets on ESPN || Alcohol sucks Today’s pod is absolutely loaded, starting out with recapping Fats’ weekend in Detroit where he wound up face down in a toilet after too many brewskis, from there we jump into various topics from Trent Dilfer to a fake HSFB team getting on ESPN to Jake Paul winning again and finally CFB.  Thanks for... Continue Reading →

Roadtrips, Michigan Football, SEC is KING, & NFL Pre-season w/ the “King of Des Moines”… YOYOBALL. Today’s show has YOYOBALL making his glorious return… need I say more?00:00-30:00 YOYO CATCHUP // ROADTRIP TALK // HIS NEW HOME30:00-35:00 The Eagles are a dumpster fire35:00-40:00 The Lions first preseason game // storylines40:00-48:00 conference realignment48:00-end Michigan football and CFB season preview Thanks for listening and stay tuned for a new episode dropping next... Continue Reading →

THE SEC WILL BE THE NCAA IN 30 YEARS (conference realignment) & AARON RODGERS BENDS OVER GREEN BAY! 00:00-7:00 -- Aaron Rodgers bended the PACKERS over a barrel and I just don't understand why these franchises (both NFL and NBA) cater to these guys! 7:00-30:00 -- TEXAS AND OKLAHOMA leave the BIG 12 and I don't blame them or the SEC for this... conference realignment and what will happen due to the... Continue Reading →

NEW POD 7/21: Is CP3 the POINT PETER and not the POINT GOD (lol) & GIANNIS is INCREDIBLE + SPACE JAM 2 REVIEW (I watched this pos so you don’t have to):

00:00-10:00 SPACE JAM 2 REVIEW - LBJ's acting- the soundtrack- the overall dumpster fire it was10:00-32:00 NBA FINALS RECAP- CP3's legacy/inspiration- Booker's future- GIANNIS, just wow- everything else finals thanks for listening, make sure to subscribe and leave a rating in the comments... back next week for another FATSTACKS SPORTS PODCAST.

Jake Paul is laughing in the MMA/UFC’s face & How bout them Tigers? Jake Paul is taking over boxing/mma and I AM SO HERE FOR IT! I discuss his career path - why I love him - and where he goes from here on today's show.  As well as the Detroit Tigers (crazy, I know) and my scouting report on some of their young talent including Baddoo/Mize/Torkelson. ... Continue Reading →

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