Run Across Michigan (3/3)

Empty. What’s it like to feel completely empty?  I don’t mean a simple bonk. This was different. This was an emotionless depth to myself that I didn't know existed. After 70 hours of pushing my body past it’s breaking point, there was nothing there. No fear. No elation. No sense of accomplishment. I was just... Continue Reading →

Run Across Michigan (2/3)

Surprisingly, I was not too beaten down at the conclusion of day 1. Yes, I ate a whole family’s worth of calories that night, combined with multiple uses of the ice machine where we were staying. The worst part of day 2 was more so the mental aspect. After covering 75 miles, I wouldn’t hit... Continue Reading →

Run Across Michigan (1/3)

As much as I want this to be a Dave Skylark worthy Tell-All, I just don’t think anything I do will reach that level of notoriety. Regardless, I’m here to share my experiences and the knowledge acquired through my 70 hours of insanity across Michigan. I’ve had a running joke that I want to get... Continue Reading →

An Avocado a Day

Life update: I no longer crave donuts. Saying that the first week of my new low carb lifestyle was difficult would be an understatement. Still running with a couple college friends, I was repeatedly dropped throughout the week as they dumped coal into their engines and ran off into the sunset with me gasping behind. ... Continue Reading →

Trading my Ford Focus for a Tesla

Hopefully you didn't think I actually bought a Tesla. First year Physical Therapy school. Lots of debt. Not happening. What’s the main difference between the two? (for non Elon Musk fanboys) A Ford Focus burns fuel like a Corunna native making a bonfire, while a Tesla runs smoothly for hours on basic electricity. Side note:... Continue Reading →

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