August 2021 Musical Training Plan- Boy Bands and Girl Groups

Oh no, the Musical Training Plan has come to this, has it? Boy bands and girl groups? You mean those super over produced, soulless, pandering groups that feel almost grown in a lab to perform to specific group of people? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. This is MY blog!

While most people associate boy bands and girl groups with shameless commercialism, guilty pleasure music, and brainless, pointless, repetitive pop songs devoid of deeper meaning. Most of the time, you’d be hitting the nail right on the head, but this genre of musical act has decades of history from which we can pull, and surely we can find 7 worth writing about, listening to, and celebrating, right? Well I feel like I’ve assembled a line-up diverse and respectable enough to make this theme that I once scoffed at worthwhile, and I’m honestly pretty proud of that fact.

Over the next 7 days we will explore 7 different albums by 7 different bands comprised entirely of young men or young women (and never a combination of the 2). We’ll discover a range of genres wider than you’d expect, and my hope is that you walk away from it not just with some new songs that you like, but a greater appreciation for boy bands and girl groups. Preparing for this month brought me around a little bit, that’s for sure.

Hope you people who read this crap enjoy, and don’t judge me too hard for this one 🙂

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