Noah’s Training Log 7/19 – 7/25

Monday- 30 Mins and Sand Volleyball

Worked a shift today, then went straight to play sand volleyball and get in the lake after that. The run about an hour after that was not the greatest, but thanks to Seth we averaged about 6:20 pace and I was really struggling when we started to dip down around that pace.

If you don’t know Seth Hirsch then get with it, look at this guy (below).

Tuesday- OFF Deer District

Worked the opener shift at the Cafe, then made my way over to Milwaukee to watch game 6 of Bucks and Suns and witness the Bucks win a NBA title. Incredible experience, plenty of standing, no reason to force a run this day.

Wednesday- 55 Minutes and 30 Minutes

Ran with Olin, Kav and Colton Yesney who visited for the Bucks game the previous day. For no reason at all, I actually didn’t feel to bad on this run. Then in the PM we ran to Olin’s childhood home for dinner and so that he could get some things around for camping. That run my legs felt fine, but my stomach did not. Won’t see me double often so take pictures.

Thursday- 6 Miles

Ran far to hard with the British boys. It was enjoyable though because I had myself mentally prepped up for this. Picnic Point in Madison is a real classic.

Friday- Tempo, Kind Of

Ran about 3.7 Miles of tempo in the Arb with some of the guys, then after it got really difficult around 3 my hamstring really tightened up during a hill, so I just called it there. I mean 3.7 miles at 5:25 or faster pace is not something I would normally do in any week, so I’m not going to worry at all. Won a game of HORSE and King of the Court later in the day before drinking to many beers.

Saturday- Day Off

Absolute crapshoot of a day with sleeping in, lack of food, lot of swimming, and just low motivation led to me just deciding to pull the plug on a run. I guess that is one of the trade offs for having enough to drink to make a 1 mile walk feel like 5 miles.

Sunday- 50 Minutes w/ Progression

Today went like this:

Wake up, go work a 6 hour shift at the cafe, drink a slightly above average amount of caffeine.

Bike back from the cafe, bike by a local park, see a pick up game of basketball. Immediately go grab my Lebrons, a water bottle, and head for the park to get in a game and hit the game point layup (my peak).

Go home, turn around and drive to campus to play about 10 minutes of soccer with Shuaib, Conor, Abdullahi and Charlie. Watch the Olympic Triathlon (that Norwegian guy is baller) with a short nap during it and then toss the old pigskin around and nearly throw out my left arm trying to pretend like I can throw with my off hand.

Get home, start making some chicken, play MLB the Show and get out the door to run around 8:15 (after I had turned the oven off with the chicken).

Then during the run I just started to pick it up pretty aggressively without forcing anything going 6:30 then 6:10 miles 2 and 3. Then once I got into the nice neighborhood, I ran the hills harder, running a 6:01 then a 5:38 mile after a large hill push in miles 4 and 5. From there I said well I surprisingly feel pretty good for some reason, may as well try to grab like 3 miles at 5:40 and then have a mile jog back to the house. Then mile 6 I went 5:24 without trying to continue dropping it down, must’ve carried a hill. Mile 7 I then decided why not try to run 5:15 or faster since I’ve already gotten myself into this progression. I then cooked out a 5:08 in the dark, walked for a minute, then ran it back with a cool down mile of 6:00 and a little kick at the end to try to secure my pace being 6:00 or faster for the whole run (bag secured). Eating dinner at 9:40 was an odd kind of day, but hey, seems like I had some fun, and variety is a spice of life right?

Weekly Total: 40 Miles. Couple Buckets. Couple Aces. Couple Beers!

Weekly Summary: I’m not sure if this is a down week, an up week since I ran 40 in 5 days and I usually run about 50 in 7 (or near that average) or just a week. I had a lot of fun, I’m already missing Olin on his trip but I have a feeling I will find a way to keep myself busy. Time to pull some espresso, run some miles, and work on that left hand amirite?

Cheers! #ScrambleOn -Jacobs

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