Noah’s Weekly Training 7/12 – 7/18

Monday- Hour Run and 9 Holes

Ran with Olin and many of the Badger boys after a golf session with Rowen (I could’ve been worse). Olin brought the Omega shoes made by Under Armour on accident and it made the run much more difficult… Got it done regardless and a good start to the week.

These things are terrible

Tuesday- 30 Minutes. 6×200 On/Off. 10 Minutes

Something in the ballpark of this. Ended up with 7.1 miles. Was pretty hot, but got in some strides on the Madison East cinder track which makes running a bit tougher. A bunch of 34 second 200s essentially.

Wednesday- 55 Minutes

Ran with Tai Dinger and Olin. Tai will be moving out of Madison soon so it was good to secure one more run with him for sure! Easy at the start then slowly picked up the pace but was relaxed the whole way. Great run.

Thursday- 5 Miles

Ran a loop invented by Dave and Kav. Plenty of company for this one, felt terrible after beach volleyball however, so it was not my favorite run in the world. Got it in though.

Friday- 50 Minutes with Olin

Ran to Monona Bait and Tackle (really cool spot about 3.5 miles away) and ended up close to 8 miles with some pretty steady miles in there.

Saturday- 5 Miles

Ran with Nico Trevino while he was visiting Madison this weekend. TBH I was out with some of the gang the night before and may have still been drunk during this run, but it did not feel very bad. Played some 4v4 and 5v5 with some random dudes at a park. Went to Deer District this night, I swear sometimes I put myself through a little bit much, but life is FUN!

Sunday- 8 Miles

Met Olin at a park at the conclusion of my run and we went for a swim and paddleboard in lake Monona. Was a surprisingly good run. First mile was very slow and easy then without trying to the pace dipped under 6:40 and never went over that. Sometimes running can be good.

Weekly Total: 50 Miles

Summary: First 50 mile week in a while. Got on the paddleboard 2 times, played golf again finally, played volleyball, really I was pretty active this week. I feel good about where my body is, where my general shape/fitness in running terms is. Need to work on my jumper, my irons, and maybe do some speed a little more often in my life.

Have gotten away from consistently doing core as well, so hopefully I can find my way back into doing core and other bodyweight exercises but I feel strong and healthy right now which is very important!


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