Noah’s Weekly Training June 28 – July 4

First off: arguably the greatest week of the year from a memories standpoint! Great company, great weather, long drives, and many beers (insert emoji you wish to see).

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Monday- 55 Minutes and Strides

Not an easy run, but a good one with Olin and Jackson. Hit some trails, hit some strides, continued to try to overcome my current sinus issues, but hey, on we go!

Tuesday- 3 Miles Up. 1000-800-600 on 90s Rest @72s per 400. Lap Jog. Then 4×400 @71 w/ 45s rest. 10 Min Jog.

Really solid session for me. Nothing crazy, or special about this, but with my sinuses this was tough. I found somewhat of a rhythm, could gain some strength, and get back to business on the track.

Wednesday- 6 Miles to Volleyball

It was hot out there. Ran to a few switched locations of volleyball, then played. Love volleyball, unfortunately our gang in Madison is rather terrible. I need somebody to set to.

Thursday- Day Off

Driving back to Houghton Lake for the 4th of July after an opening shift in the coffee shop. Shuaib and Abdullahi kept me some company, but no real exercise for the day. Just survive and advance.

Friday- 5 Miles and Strides

2x25s Strides. 2x 10s Strides. 25s Stride. Figured this would be a very good way to open up the legs without doing anything to crazy before a 5K. Did some tubing, some beersby, and may have knocked a few back this day. 5K ready, probably not, but just enough.

I am in the back middle between Ashton Kirkey and Zack Kuran. Abdullahi and Ben dropped me. Gary led the way with a speaker.

Saturday- 5K DAY!

1.8 miles up with a restroom stop in a park. Back to the start, 1 stride, few very easy drills, not much for loosening up lol. THE RACE:

Ben took the race out, then waved me to the front at 600m and that was about all she wrote. 5:02-5:08-5:08. Pretty happy with that. Lots more in there if somebody was there to help me get it done and I took it a little more seriously in preparation.

Cooled down about 10 minutes with Sloan, Evan and Ben. Very beautiful start to an even better day!

May be an image of 7 people, people standing and ocean
Schwab, me, Kirkey, Tom, Ben, Sloan and Evan!

Sunday- 11 Miles with Sloan.

This mug was hot. Abdullahi started with us, Kirkey biked most of it, Schwab ran a majority of it with us. Glad I could join for some stories and help Jake get his miles in. Then get back on the water and finish the weekend the right way!

Weekly Total: 45 Miles.

Summary: Not sure where I want to go with training from here. I want to continue the overall load to a similar point. I am really enjoying the amount of time I’m spending exercising and thinking about that. I’d like to get really fit, but I don’t want to overdo anything obviously. Hopefully find a few races later this summer to jump in, push myself a little bit, and have some fun. What a great weekend with family, friends, and all kinds of things going on! I absolutely love the 4th of July!

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