Noah’s Weekly Training 6/21-6/27

Monday- Hour Run. 45 Min Ride. The Body Core Circuit.

This was a glorious way to get better on a day off of work. After the family visited, this was a good way to refocus again. Seems like the body is coming back around.

Tuesday- Badger Workout in Moderation. Volleyball this Night.

While in college a 2 Mile and 8×400 or something similar was a popular training workout for me at Wisconsin. Now, I was able to join some guys running that, but make it my own and not overstrain. I led the first 1600 in 4:54. Then I jogged approximately 3 minutes before jumping on the rest of their rep, so 1400 at about 4:57 pace. Then 5×400 with 100 jog averaging about 73s I would say.

Just tore this bad boy up.

Wednesday- 50 Min Run.

Ran with Tai Dinger. Olin gets back tonight. Nothing special about today, just getting out and getting something in.

Thursday- 7 Miler with Olin. The Kettle Circuit.

Really have slacked on core as of late. Great to be running with Olin again. Makes things feel more fresh.

Trio of Badgers qualify for NCAA Championships - The Buffalo Chip Saloon
P.S. He just ran 13:35. Beadlescomb was 6th at USA Olympic Trials. Seth recently ran 13:37. This picture is pretty sick (sorry for the no mention Rowen) and Basten made the Trials Steeple Final!

Friday- Day Off

Sometimes these are good for the soul. Worked an early shift then went to pick up my mom and grandma near Milwaukee, so no real reason to force it sometimes.

Saturday- Workout w/ Wisco Milers

Jackson and Olin are headed to the Wisco Mile this upcoming Thursday and I expect some speed from those boys. I ate breakfast a little too close to this workout, but hey, no reason to overthink it, I’m not doing anything crazy.

I hopped on their mile tune up workout for some of it. What I did was 2 Warm up 200s in 30. 400 in 59.2. 300 in 45. 300 in 45. Then 3 Minutes really easy. 300 in 46. 300 in 45. 200 in 29.5. I’ll call this well out of my league. Mileage was very low for me today, but damn I got a little sharper.

Sunday- Easy Hour with Olin.

Felt good on the run. Allergies hit me like an absolute train when I was at work and this night. Hopefully everything is fine for next weeks drive to Houghton Lake and a possible Greatest 4th in the North (on the 3rd lmao) PB???

Only time will tell for the Scrambled Gang!

Weekly Total: 45 Miles. 12 Miles Biked. 2 Core Sessions.

Summary: Really happy about this week. Restores some confidence in my ability to run this 5K and not completely put myself in a hole. I’m excited to see a bunch of boys again, spend some time on the river and lake, and let a few beers rip! May have let a few many beers rip the weekend this blog is about…

Let us get excited about the 4th of July my friends!



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