Noah’s Weekly Training June 14-20

Here we go… another week of a real mixed bag of training. Let’s get to it!

Monday: 55 Minute Run. 9 Holes Golf.

Ran a sweet state park (High Cliff) up in Appleton visiting sir Rowen Ellenberg. Golfed overly terrible. Very bad. Good experience around the High Cliff neighborhood though!

Tuesday: Chiropractor Appointment and Fair Amount of Biking

After driving needed an adjustment. Something with my back was certainly off. Biked to work and back, to campus, to the appointment, probably ballpark 12 miles of biking for the day, so I will count that as something physical.

Wednesday: First day with Fam in Town

Mother’s very immediate family joined (her parents and sister) for a trip to Madison. Was a very nice time, had to work this day, but got to enjoy some time at the Union, maybe I did some core (?) not positive, and just enjoy time with people I love!

P.S. I got a hari cut!

Thursday: 35 Minute Run.

Snuck in a little run before my haircut. A lovely morning and then evening with the family for their final full day. Got my schedule switched and got off of work, was able to enjoy french toast, spinach linguine, and company all in the same day. Excited to show Olin the new trail I’ve run 2 times now.

Friday: Monona Bay 7 Miler.

Actually ran pretty fast today. Pretty sure I did some core this night or after the run, the believe it was “The Kettle”. 6:14 pace for a regular run got me feeling like Evan Bishop out here. Granted I was working a little bit in the middle because it was pretty humid, but decent sign.

Saturday: 8 Miles w/ Pickups

Ran after work with Dave and Ansel. Ran about 45 minutes with them and then went out and did approximately 7 pick ups of around 25 seconds (2 lamp posts worth) and jogged about another half mile after that. Not the smoothest but have a little bit of pace worked in here.

Sunday: 80 Minute LR.

Got off of work, and set out for a run into campus to meet Shuaib and Conor to play some soccer (not really my thing honestly). Got into the run, and started clicking off miles decently, started feeling better throughout. The rain was refreshing but eventually my shoes got pretty wet and heavy. My right shoes insert actually scrunched up really uncomfortably about 9 miles in, so I took that shoe off, tossed the insert, and started again. 30 seconds later I realized that without that insert, the other one was going to be tossed as well. No inserts, very responsive at that point but I would not recommend doing that often. Ran 4 about 6:05s at the end of this one, and averaged 6:16 for 12.8 miles. Pretty big, certainly the most quality day I have had in a while. Good things ahead!

Weekly Total: Not much bike. 9 Holes Golf. 40.8 Miles.

Body still doesn’t feel awesome but things are starting to come around somewhat. Excited to start spending more time outside doing whatever with the weather, in preparation for a big 4th of July weekend. I’ve started doing 25 push-ups, 10 squats and 5 lunges each leg before and after runs. It isn’t a lot, but I think that will help maintain things and then using actual times of core to strengthen and beach bod up. Grateful to be healthy, enjoying the summer, and excited to have Olin back at the house soon.

The 4th of July is approaching, I will be ready!

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