Noah’s Weekly Training June 7-13

Exactly like this

Monday- MLR (Medium Long Run)

Hour and a little extra run. Was getting warm but this run went very well. Felt pretty solid today.

Tuesday- Arb Loop after Work. 9 Holes Golf

Was going to run 10x Min On/Off but after 5 of those I realized it wasn’t a light workout to get back into it. Post work and 92 degrees not my brightest idea. Did 8 strides after the run to spin the wheels anyhow. Actually hit the golf ball pretty well.

Wednesday- 60 Min Ride

Hot, decided to just ride today. Hip/back has been up and down so elected a ride, rode out to a cool 2 mile loop I like and hammered that loop. Just slower than 20mph for that with a little wind. Went well, pretty happy to do that with some generally tired legs.

Thursday- Programmed some Core and Golfed.

Pretty solid swinging of the golf clubs tonight with Rowen and Rendon. Will create a blog about the core circuits I have created currently. A combination of push up/plank type of exercises with some squat/lunges, possibly ab wheel, I will use my Kettle Bells, therapy bands, and whatever you might have. Tonight I did “The Kettle”

Friday- 35 Minutes after Work and Core. Golf in the AM.

The 35 minutes was actually kind of fast today, well for me today. Core circuit called “The Body” because you do not need any other weights or anything at all.

Saturday- Core. Volleyball. Long Run.

This was a big day for me. Haven’t been doing a ton. Did “The Body” for core again. Shot some hoops before others joined me to play volleyball, followed by a dip in the lake. Ran later that night for just shy of 80 minutes to get what I would call close to a real long run in again. Pretty relaxed after a big day. Resulted in tired legs, missed this. Hopefully staying healthy through it all.

Sunday- Drive to Appleton. 45 Minute Run.

Visited some family in Appleton, WI. Watched some basketball, and ran past the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers stadium, which was pretty neat. Getting possibly to used to these dusk time runs, need to get back to the morning, but with working as a barista, mornings are relatively booked many days.

Weekly Totals: 41 Miles. 27 Holes of Golf. 60 Minutes Riding. 3 Core Sessions.

Summary: Definitely not 100% with my back/hip/adductor. Is what it is. Had a really good week. I feel positive about working 5 shifts, getting this much time using physical activity in, and sleeping decently (not great I will admit). If I can put a few more of these weeks together, and improve my slight bang ups in my body, and keep staying happy mentally, that I can not only enjoy the 4th of July with friends and family, but maybe even run the fastest I ever have on that 5K course ???!!!

Much love until next week! Stay happy, stay healthy, find a way to spend some time on you and make yourself a better person!

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