Playlist: Scrambled Legs Edition

I figured that somebody may be amused or listen to this at some point in time. I took the time to discover what most (hopefully all??) of the songs played at the end or beginning of Scrambled Legs Podcasts have been!

This playlist is varying everywhere. There is a dabble of country, a splash of rap, a snippet of classic rock, a cool drink of pop (nice and punny), and some indie music as well!

I am super excited to continue adding to this playlist over time, and with the help of Wyatt and Benny, this playlist can be truly “off the chain” as the kids are saying these days.

As school winds down, I am super excited about a summer of Scrambled Legs promotion before I begin the Insurance World in August!

I am hoping to start making some training videos, giving some more advice of what I believe about training, post a couple of serious podcasts once running for a team is over for me, and just continuing to create better content!

We have hats coming in ASAP (for real this time, expect them in early May) that Ben will have some of and I will have some of for sure! There will be white and black hats and Ben and I are finalizing the pricing details, if you are interested please reach out!

Custom New Era Hats

I am truly excited and unsure of what the future holds for Scrambled Legs. Some sponsorship?? Putting on a few races with a fun atmosphere?? Continuing what we love to do: NO DOUBT!

If you guys love what we have been doing, then I promise that you will continue to love, and hopefully even more, what we will be doing moving forward!

Now go enjoy some of this fine Spring weather, walk/jog/run a few miles with a friend, and KEEP GROWING, KEEP GETTING BETTER, and STAY GOLDEN PONY BOY!

I hope you like the playlist! Let’s kick some rear end this summer (safely)!


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