Noah’s Bonus MTP Day 3- “Dreamland” by Glass Animals

Dreamland (Glass Animals album) - Wikipedia

“You just need a better life than this / You need something I can never give” -Glass Animals, Heat Waves

Before this summer, I had no idea that the band Glass Animals even existed. Now I have listened to the album Dreamland a number of times, on vinyl, on my phone, with friends, by myself, and really in many ranges.

My current roommate Andrew Lindstrom has a vinyl of this album, and was extremely fun to listen to this fall when we had just moved into our new house. My old teammate Oliver Hoare loved this album, and loved many of their songs at an extremely high level. I can’t think of Olli’s music and many playlists without thinking of Tokyo Drifting, Heat Waves, and Your Love (Deja Vu).

May be an image of 7 people, including Ben Eidenschink and people smiling
I have the headband on, and Olli is right above my head

All that I can really say about this 45 minute album is that for me, it can fill just about any vibe. The album is easy to listen to and it just enhances your life on that given day. I was very proud after being introduced to some of these songs to bring them back to Corunna and up to our cabin for the 4th of July.

I vividly remember going out on the pontoon one of the first days during our 4th of July celebration with just the boys from back home. Sun setting in the background, drinking a Spotted Cow, and enjoying the perfect temperature, listening to Heat Waves, and then immediately saying that was the song of the summer.

Olli showed me that song only about a week before, but I instantly fell for it, it is my song of summer 2020 without a doubt. This song gives me many great memories, and makes me think of awesome people, so listening to this album always boosts my mood for that reason.

Outside of that, this album is a constant flow of relaxed music that is able to grab your attention. This alternative or indie genre is not something I enjoyed at all before college, now this is an album that you MUST listen to, you have to give it a shot!

A similar theme among my blogs is having people that had a large effect on me listening to and enjoying that album, so you may as well hear from a great friend, great runner (3:32 1500 this winter !!) and great music connoisseur: Olli Hoare!

Dreamland by Glass Animals for me was one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2020. With the pandemic hitting hard, this band produced some of the most ingenious music videos and promotional content.

Both being aware of social distancing but using the feel and vibe of summer to this electro alternative pop sound tracks. The album intersects with “home videos” of lead singer Dave Bayley archived sound bites of his times with family, summer and wonder as a youth in London.

The tracks Dreamland, Tangerine, and it’s hit track Heat Waves, are all reminiscent of sun kissed skin, salty beach air and bubbly feeling of summer being with friends. Spending to much time outside, seeking adventure, action and the attraction of youth to youth.

The sound and lyrics all drip with extensive underlying messages of society and the value people now currently give themselves in superficial and hedonistic lifestyles. This wrapped around with an infectious beat and sound that will take you back to your summer days with your squad, coasting the streets, suburbs, or coasts.

Overall, this album took me back home to the surf culture of Cronulla Sydney, Australia. However, it also placed me firmly in my last semester in college in Madison, Wisconsin.

Enjoying my final time with close mates singing every lyric, drives, or pop up attic parties. This album will make you remember lost summer loves, the anticipation of outdoor social gatherings and the feeling of youth culture. The good and the bad, but more importantly: the momentum you get that you’re living the days of your lives with the people who shape you.

This album is a catalyst into the soul of that concept. One of my all time favorite albums and I am looking forward to seeing it age.

Well said Olli, very well said. What I wouldn’t give to relive this night pictured above, my last night with Olli (and Morgan too) in Madison!

Listen to this album, and with Spring and Summer approaching/upon us: enjoy that momentum with the people around you that are currently shaping your life, you will not regret it!

“You live like you’re on camera” – Glass Animals, Your Love (Deja Vu)

-Jacobs (Noah)

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