Noah’s Bonus MTP Day 1- “1984” by Van Halen

1984 (Van Halen album) - Wikipedia

Let me begin my first MTP blog by saying this:

I am not trying to steal Ben’s thing, I just love the idea of turning a few albums around for people to listen to if they so choose. I listen to music too!

“To hell with the rules. If it sounds right, then it is.” -Eddie Van Halen

“The name Van Halen, the family legacy, is going to go on long after I’m gone.” -Eddie Van Halen

Guitar Virtuoso Eddie Van Halen Dies at 65 | Vanity Fair
This man could shred

For me, music is all about the memories associated with it, and the people that introduce me to music. If you have read Ben’s MTP blogs, then it will come as no surprise that my love for “Classic Rock” comes from a mutual guy of ours… Gary Lee Jacobs II.

The pair of quotes I decided to post at the start of this feel extremely right. The first to me means trust your gut and let it rip (please do not break rules because I said this is a powerful quote). The second quote is potent because after I graduate this Spring, I will be entering into the family business. Jacobs Insurance Agency: started by my grandfather, and carried on now by my father and uncle Brian Jacobs. The other important thing about the second quote is that Eddie just passed away last October, and his families legacy is going to live on for a very long time. I would like to bring some of my own personal legacy to the Jacobs family legacy, because it is a great one to be a part of one.

Jacobs Insurance

Since I talk about legacy, I may as well let you know what my Pops had to say about “1984”.

Cruising the pits with this album jamming on the cassette tape player, dropping the hammer on the back roads, hot women, fast cars, and a cool mullet hair style. Seeing David Lee Roth doing the splits in the air to “Jump” on MTV, playing air guitar to Eddie’s riffs on the various songs. No deep life altering messages listening to this album, just fun, rock and roll, cranking it up loud and thinking you’re super cool.

David Lee Roth in the most perfectly framed shot ever jumping off of the  riser, booyaa! | David lee roth, Van halen, Eddie van halen

Released in 1984, my dad would have been a junior in high school during the beginning of this album. I can assure you that when it comes to Pops and I thinking we’re super cool, it is just thinking. Both of us have had a mullet at times (very proud of that), enjoy back roads, do not own fast cars, and work or plan on working in insurance (nothing says badass like insurance agents).

May be an image of Noah Jacobs and Gary Jacobs and people smiling
May be an image of 1 person
I was made for the 80s

My family means the world to me, and thinking about classic rock makes me think of simpler times. Riding in a red truck to elementary school with Ben and Pops listening to all kinds of classic rock.

When listening, it is less of a rollercoaster, and more of the fair ride that swings you side to side and you go through the same motions over and over again. The album lets it rip early with “Jump” as the second track and “Panama” third. Both of these are high energy loud songs, perfect for Gary in his mullet days. Track 4 is “Top Jimmy”, which is a slight change up, a little less full throttle the full way, but was the hidden gem for me on this album. Then “Hot for Teacher” which has a ridiculous drum entrance and is one of the tougher guitar hero songs I’ve ever played. One has to wonder, is this my fathers favorite album, or is “Hot for Teacher” his favorite song? He did go on to marry a middle school teacher (hi mom). Right after that is “I’ll Wait” which is another underrated track, containing a slow build into the chorus.

Pasadena Considers Options for an Eddie Van Halen Memorial

This album is only 9 songs, only 33 minutes. This album isn’t the most moving, it may not provoke any deep emotions, but that isn’t really my style. This album will fire you up, make you think about playing the guitar, and drive a few miles an hour faster than usual.

This album may have been certified diamond, reached number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart (behind Thriller), and continue to stand the test of time. However, this receives more important honors for now: Jacobs Family Certified Hammer Dropper!

Rock and Roll will never die, at least not if our family can help it!

You got to roll with the punches and get to what’s real

How’d I do for my first one of these??

-Jacobs (Noah)

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