Is Jordan Spieth Back? Yes, and it Couldn’t of Happened at a Better Time

Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, Jordan Spieth. This is the short list of golfers in my entire lifetime that I will always hold nearest and dearest to my heart as my all time favorite golfers in history. With that being said, seeing Jordan Spieth come back from the trenches and shoot 61 (-10) today at WM Phoenix Open brought me flashbacks of his 2015 grand slam run and utter dominance, and also brought a chill to my spine. I officially predict JORDAN SPIETH IS BACK (look out Augusta… yes heard it here first).

Let’s look at the elephant in the room which is the fact that the Phoenix Open leaderboard is a log jam at the top. So Speith will likely have to shoot a mid 60s round to win tomorrow because you know for a fact somebody could come from behind and make this a ballgame. Even if Spieth does not win tomorrow, there is still a major glimmer of hope on the horizon for Mr. Texas to return to his former glory. #HookEm

**WM Phoenix Open leaderboard after 3rd round** ***Note Brooks Koepka and JT are also in contention***

Why am I being so presumptuous to say Jordan is back? Because I have not seen his confidence level this high since the 2017 British and his swing/ball strike sounds and looking amazing. The other reason is HIS PUTTING. When Spieth is on fire you will see him drop 40+ foot bomb putts. Today we saw a TEN BIRDIE BARRAGE (no bogeys) full of long putts and great recovery shots to put himself in contention once again and it is about friking time. Golf has waited long enough for this to happen.

We still have another round to go tomorrow, but I have a strong feeling we will be looking at Spieth winning his 12th PGA win and jumping into the immediate talk of being a possible major winner again this season. Seriously, his hole 16 putt today which was 40 feet long, I said to myself “there is no way of him not making this” and he didn’t disappoint. This is not a flash in the pan and now we can add Jordan back into the same light as Dustin, JT, and all the other big ballers on tour these days… even Bryson.

One other thing that has been none other than electric this week at the Phoenix Open has been the FANS! It has been almost a year since the shutdowns and having no fans at the tourneys, but now we have the cheers and roars like old times. The Super Bowl will be riding shotgun to the final round tomorrow (Tom Brady is winning his 7th BTW). This is simply the best time in history to be a golf fan.

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