Mandalorian Season 2 Recap (SPOILERS) Is it Really Worth all the Hype?

What is Baby Yoda's real name? The Mandalorian creators want to keep you  guessing - ABC News

It has been a minute since I have wrote one of these bad boys, but back I am, and learn of Star Wars we will! Okay I am done with the Yoda jokes, lets get this thing on the road.

Mando Season 2**Spoliers**

Season 2 of Mando was second to none and pure flawless. Absolute genius and every episode is like it’s own separate movie and you savor every minute of it. THIS SERIES ACTUALLY GIVES THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE WHEN THEY WATCH STAR WARS!! Not this “oh by the way Rey is related to Palpatine garbage”. Even casual fans fell in love with Grogu (baby yoda) where everybody is buying their fan swag. This is old fashioned Star Wars where the characters are not boring and people actually care about. If you are a Star Wars aficionado like myself, you catch small references that tie into other movies, like with the Mos Eisley Cantina from Episode 4 being shown in both season 1 and 2.

Top 5 best moments from season 2:

5. Tusken Raider scene where they kill the Kyrat Dragon. Tusken Raiders might just be the best ailen creature in Star Wars, where they might be vicious, but they know how to get a job done. The first episode of season 2 jumps right into the deep end and explains how the Tuskens operate.

4. Spider scene where Mando and Grogu are trapped on the ice planet. Totally unexpected and kind of gives you the creeps with thousands of spiders coming out of the caves. Total nightmarish scene.

3. Boba Fett. He survived the scarlacc monster from Retrun of the Jedi (like we didn’t already know that) and he is back with his old ship and old suit. I used to not care for Boba Fett at all before this, and now I find myself quoting every line possible from him from the original movies. (“What if he doesn’t survive? He’s worth a lot to me” WATCH original Boba Fett Actor vs new one.

2. Ashoka Tano. Words can’t describe the episode where Ashoka comes out and obliterates an entire village militia with Mando. I think I re-watched this like four times or something. Again, this is what the fans want to friken see is this content right here. Mando as trying to find a jedi trainer for Grogu, but Ashoka cannot train him. So what other jedi are around during this time? Paging……. Luke?

  1. Luke Skywalker. That ending scene was EVERYTHING any Star Wars fan cares about. The last ten minutes with Luke was better than all of episodes 7-9 combined. Why was this so hard to do right off the bat in episode 7?? Give the fans what they want! At the end, Luke takes Grogu to go train to be a jedi with R2-D2 and it was all time. Top 5 best star wars scene of all time.

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