Fatstacks Quickie: NFL & CBB Gambling Preview || Will the Browns get “CLAPPED”?

Today’s friday special pod is a short one for the gamblers out there. Yes, I know I wen’t 4-6 last week but that was just a warmup, this week we are going for perfection. So if you like money, give this one a listen… But don’t come crying to me when all of these picks lose!
FSS: New episodes 3-5 times a week, thanks for listening!

Official Picks:

CBB: Michigan (-5) vs. Minnesota \\ 2:00 PM on Saturday

NFL: Rams vs. Packers (-7) & Under 45.5 \\ 4:30 PM Saturday

NFL: Ravens vs. Bills (-2.5) & Under 49.5 // 8:15 PM Saturday

NFL: Browns (+10) vs. Chiefs & Over 57.5 // 3:00 PM Sunday

NFL: Bucs (+3 & ML) vs. Saints & over 52 // 6:45 PM Sunday

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