NFL Wildcard Weekend Preview

Noah Jacobs (Scrambled Legs Fame) joins Fats on today’s show to break down the Eagles tossing in the towel and the new playoff format, before breaking down each of the NFL’s Wildcard Weekend Matchups.

Colts @ Bills (-6.5) 1:00 Saturday: O/U 51
Rams @ Seahawks (-4) 4:40 Saturday: O/U O/U 42.5
Bucs (-8.5) @ Washington 8:15 Saturday: O/U 45

Ravens (-3) vs. Titans 1:05 PM Sunday: 55 O/U
Bears vs. Saints (-10.5) 4:40 PM Sunday: 47 O/U
Browns vs. Steelers (-6) 8:15 PM Sunday: 47.5 O/U

We talk about all that and more on today’s show, but don’t forget to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on twitter (follow us there as well). Happy New Year!

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