The MHSAA is screwing over football, Bball, and all other sports. Are they being run by a toddler?

Michigan high school football Division 1 final: Davison beats Brighton,  35-25, for first state title -

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Since jump street, the MHSAA has completely botched how to handle the COVID 19 Pandemic with numerous mistakes at each and every turn. Their latest brainiac idea? Is to start the football season back up after over 2 months off and only a week off practice… Oh and basketball now has a 6 week season and are forced to play an “AAU” season… The MHSAA needs to make a public apology and correct their previous mistakes asap. On today’s show I take a deep dive into a covid/mhsaa timeline as well as what I would do differently to truly make the most out of the remaining winter and spring sports.

We talk about all that and more on today’s show, but don’t forget to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on twitter (follow us there as well). Happy New Year!

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