RIP YOYO (2016-2020), Shut the Hell Up Dabo, Rinaldi, Neutered Harbaugh, & Expanding the CFP

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To start today’s show, we wave goodbye to YOYO and the end of an ERA. His knowledge, comedy, and overall thoughts will be missed greatly and we wish him luck with his professsion. 
From there on we take a deep dive into the CFP: Clemson getting shut up by OSU and Notre Dame getting embarrassed by Bama. We also discuss the possibility of expanding the CFP and whether that would help or hurt CFP. 
Then, Fats’ discusses what happened to Harbaugh and how he as changed, Rinaldi retiring, and whether Ryan Day is a better coach than Jim. 
We talk about all that and more on today’s show, but don’t forget to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on twitter (follow us there as well). Happy New Year! (and thanks for bearing with me, I’m no Cowherd)

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