December 2020 Musical Training Plan- A Musical Road Trip

Pack your bags, load up some snacks, ready the emergency pee bottles, because we are going on a road trip. What will we listen to, you ask? Oh don’t you worry, DJ Boogie has got you covered on this one. 7 days, 7 locations, and 7 albums about, dedicated to, or representative of those places. A unique theme, a fun theme, and another good week of music coming at you, from me.

Whether you like it or not, where you’re from is and always will be a part of your identity. Where you’ve gone, the places you’ve seen, the things you’ve done, are all built in pieces of your life’s story, and the same goes for all of your favorite artists. Every once in a while an artist allows this piece of themselves to shine through in their work. Sometimes the result is an album all about a place dear to them, sometimes it’s named after that place but is more about their own story than the location, and sometimes they present a narrative which is set within that location. Whatever the shape or form, there’s no shortage of good music which was, in some way, inspired or affected by a certain place. In the coming week, I’ll present 7 albums which fit this bill along with being pieces of art that I enjoy. Hopefully, if all goes well, you’ll enjoy them too.

Buckle up, turn up the radio, and put it in drive. It’s music time.

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