Pumpkin Spice Mocha @ Amen Corner: First look Down Magnolia Lane for the FALL MASTERS

By Klouse

Fatstacks Sports Golf Expert Analyst

Our tour of Amen Corner begins with a look at the approach shot from the leafy left side of No. 11

Usually this time of the year around October and going into the Winter, my caring about golf craters HARDCORE until about April. Typically there are not many big tourneys on the tour worth noting in the fall/winter until the time of the normal April Masters. As far as playing golf you usually get your last round of golf in around October before racking the clubs up for the season. But like everything else this year however, this normal logic doesn’t apply and after every passing second, I become more and more excited for the November Masters and a proper end to the “Summer of Golf 2020”. Grab your hot cup of joe and watch the birdie putts fall along with the leaves at Augusta in a couple of weeks (November 12-15th).

My usual golf season runs from about May- September, or in other words when its warm enough to wear shorts on the course (BTW I say let the golfers on the PGA Tour wear shorts.. we aren’t in 1950 anymore). So watching or wanting to play golf out of the prime season feels surreal. Like you wouldn’t go deer hunting in June, right? Plus the fact the Masters will coincide with College Gameday potentially turns this into a memorable all time American classic weekend. The only thing that we are still missing are the fans… **massive eyeroll**

Here are a few quick questions to get hooked on heading into the tourney:

  1. Will Bryson Dechambeau rip Augusta a new one or will Amen Corner have him praying for mercy?
  2. How will Tiger play the defending champ?
  3. Will Brooks Koepka come back as Mr. Major and win a 5th one? Or is he still injured? Also if Brooks plays well could this impact Bryson at all?
  4. How tough/easy will Augusta play in November compared to April?
  5. Can Rory finally win his first Masters and the Grand Slam (I would count on another Tied for 8th place for him)
  6. What will Tiger serve for the Champions Dinner as defending champ? My vote would be the all American steakhouse barbecue buffet.

Stay tuned for the latest leading up to the Masters, including an upcoming podcast and expect a full play by play Twitter thread during the whole week of play!

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