PGA Tour Update: Current State of Professional Golf & U.S. Open Final Thoughts

By Klouse,

Fatstacks Golf Analyst, Expert, and Historian

Sergio Garcia birdies final hole to win first Tour event since 2017 Masters  | Golf Channel

U.S. Open Closing Thoughts: So just going to throw this out there, my intent was to write this “U.S. Open recap” the day after the tourney ended, but I will be the first to say that the U.S. Open literally drained every care I had about golf for a few days. From the B.S. WINGED FOOT COURSE SETUP ON THURSDAY (where I truly believe I would have broken 90 if I played my A game) to the BRYSON IS REVOLUTIONIZING GOLF chirps, enough was enough. I needed a mental break from golf and a detox.

I spent much of the U.S. Open weekend fixating on the scoring, because Thursday it appeared the USGA went flaccid in their setup yet again, but Winged Foot did prove to be a brute as nobody but one guy finished under par and +6 over par was tied for 8th place. As for Bryson, the guy earned the win and you can’t take that away from him, however I am still gathering my thoughts how I feel about Bryson’s strategy. If you saw my tweets from a couple weeks ago you can tell I wasn’t too happy about Bryson winning, but in hindsight maybe he can be one of golf’s next great figureheads like an Arnold Palmer where everybody knows who he is. Maybe that would not be too bad for golf, only time will tell.

What’s Going on Right now in Golf: Usually this is the off season for golf when the FedEx Cup playoffs and majors are done for the year, plus with football starting golf isn’t on a lot of people’s radar in October. **2020 enters chat room** What is usually a generally boring time of the year for PGA golf, 2020 has shifted all the tournaments into a warm up opportunity for the November MASTERS! Big stars are playing weekly at the fall ‘scrub’ events, like with Sergio Garcia winning yesterday with a birdie on the last hole to win his first win since the ’17 Masters.

That shot on the 18th hole for Sergio was pure ICE to stuff it two feet and win by a stroke. There isn’t a dull moment anywhere in golf right now and I fully expect to see more of this as we get closer to the November Masters.

What is next up on Tour: The 2020 Masters starts on November 12th, and I fully expect it to be one of the best “made for tv” events in history. As we get closer I will hype this up and cover this ten fold. Other notable tournaments prior to the Masters, we have on October 18th the CJ Cup at Shadow Creek, the course where Tiger and Phil had their first “Match” at. The week following, Tiger will be the defending champ at the ZOZO Championship on Oct 25th.

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