Could Joe Milton win the Heisman? || Predictions for the Michigan Wolverines 2020 CFB Season || Fatstacks Clip

CLIP FROM FATSTACKS SPORTS PODCAST: With the season starting October 24th, could newly named starter Joe Milton lead the Wolverines to greatness? Fatstacks Sports debates. Today’s podcast welcomes Matt (@Burnsy381) Burns of ESPN, SEC Network, & the 3 Point Podcast. We chat with Matt about his career at ESPN, life in Bristol, working on College Gameday, and meeting athletes at work. We also touch on the Big Ten’s announcement to play football in late October and the time Matt was ripped off by a scalper outside MSG. Enjoy and check out the full video on youtube. Today’s show is brought to you by Rivals Taphouse & Grille, J.O. Outfitters, and the Scrambled Legs Podcast. Thanks for listening and subscribe on youtube, apple podcasts, and SoundCloud for more content every day!

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