WE WERE TRICKED! The USGA & Winged Foot Golf Course are completely sh*tting down their leg right now as RANDOM SCRUBS are lightning this course up!

Is this a f*cking joke? No, for real, are you joking, USGA? For the past 3 months all I have heard about this course is “it’s impossible!” || “The greens are so unbelievably fast!” || “The rough is diabolical!” || “This is going to be like the old school US Open and the winner would be lucky to crack even!”

Well, it’s official. We were duped. Just like last year and 2017, when the winners were -13 and -16. What the hell happened to the +5 winners or at least a somewhat challenging golf course?

Leading up to the championship, all I saw was advertising about how hard this course was. To the point where I was SUPER excited to sit in front of my TV for the next four days and watch players like Tiger, JT, DJ, and Bubba blade chips, make double bogeys, and miss four foot putts.

The exact opposite has happened. Birdies are flying left and right and no-name scrubs are making this course their absolute bitch. The very same course that paraded around the past month with videos like this:

Yes, this is the same course that amateurs are shooting in the 60’s… Let me repeat that, AMATEURS are completley embarrassing this “diobolical” course!

The past three months, the USGA and the Winged Foot Golf Course have been acting like this is going to be hell on Earth for the PGA competitors. At one point, a Winged Foot member was interviewed and was quoted saying “the winner might shoot +8 this week.” Was this guy high? No for real, who is this member? We need him answers from him immediately.

But it wasn’t just members talking this place up, Steve Rabideau, Winged Foot’s director of golf courses, said “I think you should see somebody throw up a good mid- to high-80s score,” (GOLF.com).


Zero chance buddy. This “hellish” course is a walk in the park for even the worst players on tour:

Even the worst scores from today aren’t even flirting with a score in the mid-high 80’s.

But the thing that truly blows my mind is the amount of work that went into making this course so “hard”… The landscaping crew of 60 (!) employees has been working 12 hour days for the past three months getting prepped for the championship and the fact that it’s in the fall has made it that much more difficult for them. I mean, just watch the first two minutes of this video and you will get a good idea of how hard this job really is:

Okay, now imagine the amount of brain power that has been used to try and make this course play as hard as humanly possible. Just the pin locations alone probably took a month to hash out and that’s not to mention the countless conversations and sleepless nights these guys devoted to the tee placements, rough length, watering schedule, and player groupings.

What’s funny is almost all of these pins are in the hardest spots on each green, but the PGA players don’t give a flying f*ck… 😂 They are going for 59’s out there today.

All right, so you can imagine the amount of work that went into creating this “Hell on Earth” golf course. Now imagine you are Steve Rabideau, watching as an amateur strolls up to the first tee and EAGLES the “the most difficult green on the golf course” … It would be absolutely mortifying.

It’s comical how easy this course is playing:

The U.S. Open is off to a terrible start for fans of high scores, or fans who just don’t want to be deceived. I’m the biggest fan in the world of Masters and watching guys shoot -15 or -20 under, but not in the U.S. Open. Not when we all expected to see carnage. This is the opposite of carnage. This is lollipops and rainbows for these guys. THE USGA NEEDS TO GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!

IF the USGA has any spine they will dry this course out tonight and make the pin locations absolutely impossible for the remainder of the tournament. I don’t care if the players complain, I don’t care if the golf hardos at home complain. Give us something entertaining or change your name to the John Deere Classic for f*cks sake.

I mean look at this leaderboard:

And to make matter worse, somehow, someway, on the easiest course in the country, Tiger is still struggling at +3.

Figure it out USGA, we’ve had enough of the lies and the talk… It’s time to back it up or move this tournament overseas.

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P.S. At the start of the week, I announced that at best I would shoot a 150 at this course. I would like to revoke that comment, I would have a shot at cracking 100 here… Which is embarrassing to say the least for the USGA.

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