5 Big Takeaways From the Lions Opening Day DISASTROUS Loss to the Bears:

1.) As Lions fans, we need to appreciate what they give us… Laughs each and every Sunday:

The Lions have been absolutely terrible for my entire life, but that hasn’t made me resent them, quite the opposite, actually. There are two different ways you can view the Lions losing: You can either view the glass as half empty and constantly complain about the Lions or you can view the glass as half full and appreciate the comedy they give us.

Listen, I want the Lions to win as much as the next guy, but it’s not likely. They are seemingly cursed and the losing culture is pretty much irreversible at this point. So as you watch Mitch Trubisky turn into Patrick Mahomes right before our eyes, you can either laugh at how the Lions find a new way to blow a fourth quarter lead (10 in the last two seasons) or you can sit and pout. I choose to laugh.

Think of it this way, we could be a bad team like the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Cleveland Browns and simply suck each and every year, or we can be the greatest losers in history and enjoy the fact that no one knows how to lose, quite like us (take a look at a few of my favorites from the past for reference):

Am I the only one who misses Jim Schwartz as the Lions coach?
The face mask is still the dumbest moment in Detroit history.
Hilarious game management by Patricia in this one.

2.) Sadly, I’ve seen Matt Stafford waste his career with the Lions… It’s time to trade him somewhere that can compete for a Super Bowl:

For as long as I can remember, Matt Stafford has been the quarterback of the Detroit Lions. And for as long as I can remember, he has been the lone bright spot in an organization that is a complete black hole. Not only that, but the fanbase is as well… They don’t appreciate Stafford for his abilities and often point to HIM as the root of the Lions problems, but in actuality, he’s the only one keeping them afloat.

Yesterday, I watched as Stafford gave one of his patented come-from-behind-2-minute-drives at the end of the game, only to have “his new toy” DeAndre Swift drop the pass (more on this later).

Personally, I am sick of watching Stafford try to carry the weight of an organization that is beyond saving. We have a loser’s mentality and it has rubbed off onto Stafford, I want him gone. He deserves better than this defense, this coaching staff, and this fanbase. He needs to be traded to a team that will be able to put a Super Bowl roster around him and that will embrace his strengths, not condemn his weaknesses.

Stafford is too good for us and it’s time to let him fly. He’s better than the Lions and it’s time to let him go, as much as it might hurt.*

*This roster is better fit for a David Blough, Ryan Fitzpatrick, or a Sean Hill, not a Stafford. Make this right.

DeAndre Swift is probably forever mentally messed up:

I know he’s just a rookie and I know he’s talented, but it’s hard to overlook how big of a drop this was. Maybe he was worried about getting hit or making sure he got both feet in, or maybe, just maybe, he has officially become “Lionized” and the talented running back we drafted out of Georgia is simply no more?

Let’s say it was just a flat-out drop… At this point, it doesn’t matter because the mental repercussions from this drop are sure to be big. Call me a mental midget or question my toughness, but I’m not sure I’d be able to bounce back from that drop. That was a season defining loss and it all could have been avoided had he simply hung onto the ball.

I know no one feels worse about the drop than Swift and I truly do hope he bounces back next week… I’m just not sure that he will. And as for Snacks Harrison, GTFO with this shit:

I literally have not seen one negative post about Swift on here (other than maybe me), so shut up. If anything this stupid tweet brought more negative attention to Swift than any Lions fans did.

4.) Adrian Peterson can still ball:

Alright, hand up. I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong about Peterson; This cat can still ball. When I heard the news that he was coming to Detroit, I didn’t think twice about it. I figured at best he would be a goal line back for Detroit, but yesterday, he really was the only bright spot for the entire Lions organization. Somehow, someway, he’s still got it.

Now I will say, it is a little bit disappointing that we have wasted two second round picks on running backs, just to have 48-year-old Adrian Peterson be the best of the bunch (he also played 53% of the snaps, which probably didn’t help Swift’s confidence either).

But hats off to him, he’s cut off the same jib as Frank Gore and I can respect it.

This defense is still horrendous and Matt Patricia has to go, NOW:

We should have known that Patricia was fool’s gold when we snatched him from Belichick without any trouble… Old Bill knew he was no good and was fine losing him. The opposite happened when the Colts tried prying away offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels from the Patriots, Bill basically offered him the world in order to make him stay.

We got the ugly sister of the two.

Here’s the thing: I know the Lions are practically an impossible franchise to win with, but the thing that Patricia is known for is his “defensive mind”, the same one that struggled in New England and has been the downfall of the Lions throughout his tenure. The guy is clearly clueless and he doesn’t seem like the best “guy” either (if that makes sense?). It’s time for Patricia to go, I don’t need to see anymore from him, he’s done irreparable damage and he has absolutely zero backing from the Detroit faithful and the organization.

Caldwell was the sturdy hand Detroit needed.

But there is some good news, Detroit. At least we can win some money and try to recoup the losses we have taken due to Patricia:

Seriously, I think this is a damn good bet. Especially when you look at the next three games for the Lions: @ Packers (who just blitzed the Vikings), @ Cardinals (who just beat the NFC Champion 49ers), & finally home against the Saints (just beat Tompa Bay). We are going to start 0-4 and at that point, Patricia will be fired. CASH IN NOW !!!

Can I be serious for a second though? It honestly does kinda suck that the Lions are so bad every single year… I was robbed of a single playoff victory as a kid and my grandpa is most likely going to go his whole life without a Lions Super Bowl appearance (all I’m asking for is a silver medal!). It’s kinda sad when you think about it… We are just destined to be losers, forever.

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