This is Major(ly disappointing)… What is Going on with Brooks Koepka?

By Klouse, Expert Golf Analyst

Brooks Koepka withdraws from U.S. Open citing health concerns

Well, if you haven’t heard the news already, Brooks Koepka withdrew from the U.S. Open next week at Winged Foot citing health concerns. Quite frankly, I really do not know where to begin after hearing of this travesty. Other than having a smoke show of a girlfriend, Brooks has literally nothing going for him at all right now.

Where it all started for me, and why I am posting this as my first official blog, and the BONE I HAVE TO PICK is this: Brooks choked the PGA Championship away after claiming he will win ‘because the other guys up on the leaderboard will not win because they have never won a major’. (Ask Collin Morikawa if he agrees) It was a classic karma moment and even as a huge Koepka fan myself, you felt like he deserved it. You can trash talk and Sh*t talk all you want if you actually pull the ‘Babe Ruth and point at center field’ and call the win. It looks awesome and is an attention drawer, but if you choke, you are no better than Bryson (Attention craved Karen) Dechambeau. How is living to 140 years old treating ya?

So Koepka withdrawing from the U.S. Open is very disappointing, but not surprising after the public embarrassment he took at the PGA. My take is that Koepka played injured at the PGA and he felt trash talking was his only real chance to win due to his leg injury. So this just was my tipping point to basically say he needs to get healthy.. however long that takes and when he comes back, just go out there and win majors without the over the top arrogance. Come on Brooks, your better than that.

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