Pick & Pop (9/9/20): Tyler Herro & the Heat Bounce Giannis, Lebron & Rondo Shine, & Travis Scott’s “$6 Cactus Jack” McDonald’s Meal is officially the LAST STRAW! (featuring Noah Jacobs)

On today’s Pick & Pop, Fats welcomes on Scrambled Legs Host Noah Jacobs to recap last night’s NBA News. We discuss Tyler Herro and the Miami Heat bouncing Giannis & the Bucks and where the Bucks go from here (Giannis GTFO!). We also recap the Lakers drubbing the Houston Rockets thanks to Rajon Rondo’s “Turn Back the Clocks” game and LeBron doing LeBron things. But most importantly, we talk about Travis Scott’s new “$6 Cactus Jack Meal” at McDonald’s… Are you F*cking kidding me with this Sh*t???

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