Ranking All Of The Past Fatstacks Videos From Best to Worst:

The purpose of this blog is to fulfill two different things:

  1. To bring any of our new followers/viewers/readers up to speed on everything that Fatstacks has produced up to this point.
  2. A blog for all our old listeners/followers/readers to view all of our old content and reminisce on our old stuff before we start to drop all of our new content.

As you most likely know by now, we started Fatstacks my senior year of high school (2017) during track season. YOYO and I had no way to contribute in a typical sense, so we had to get creative. Our idea was Fatstacks Sports…

What started as a stupid thing (it still very much might still be a stupid thing) to kill time with, quickly became something that both me and Yoyo were very passionate about and wanted to see grow.

The following videos are all from 2017-18 and feature what some might call a skinny Fats (working on getting back to that weight, hopefully 😅) and a somewhat skinnier Yoyo (he is going the opposite direction). So enjoy either the trip down memory lane or the history lesson I am about to take you on… Fatstacks has been a long time coming and sure, some of these videos are not funny whatsoever, but some of them truly do stand the test of time and are still a good laugh.

This video holds some dear person meaning to me as it was the last official video Fatstacks posted two years ago before we were shut down. It was quite a day, we had just spent the previous night at a party in Ypsilanti before waking up at 6:00 AM to make it back to Corunna in time for our 8:00 AM workout with local legend Pistol Pete Hornus. Pete is known around town as being arguably the best football player to ever wear a Corunna jersey and an absolute workout machine. We learned about all that and more that day as he put us through a military workout that nearly left YOYO dead.

Favorite Moment: Yoyo and Fats hitting the UFC dummy… YOYO looked like he had never thrown a punch in his life despite owning a boxing box and claiming he “hit it 2-3 times a week as a workout.”

I still miss those hill workouts with Pete, lots of blood, sweat, and tears were shed right on that hill.

This video was arguably our most successful and for good reason, it featured two absolute electric factories on screen both in terms of eating and in terms of content. Yoyo and Max Nations put on an absolute show in this video both on the court and in the kitchen, with Nations taking the eating title that Yoyo had held for five years. It was a monumental upset that is still talked about to this day… A once great champion, defeated by the next wave of eater.

I remember this video had a lot of hype leading up to it, Yoyo’s eating success had given him quite the reputation, but people knew that Nations was going to be his toughest challenge yet. The results were incredible…

Favorite Moment #1: Nations threatening to steal “Yoyo’s girl” … Sad day for cucks everywhere.

Favorite Moment #2: Yoyo creating a made-up over the head pump fake and draining a Lebron James esque fade-away. To this day, I have never seen a move quite like it.

Favorite Moment #3: Nations sealing Yoyo’s fate with a step back jumper and Yoyo’s kick of the ball in a moment of pure rage.

This was the first video that Fatstacks ever produced and it was some of the most fun I’ve had in my entire life. We were able to watch what was a dazzling display of pizza eating by Yoyoball and an absolute dismal performance by Snoop, who claimed to have “had two donuts before we started” and that’s why he performed so poorly. If there ever was a video that I feel encapsulates what we are trying to accomplish at Fatstacks, it’s this (and our other eating challenge video).

Favorite Moment #1: Yoyo getting a cramp right as Snoop turns on the jets in the straightaway.

Favorite Moment #2:

This video we recorded the same day as our eating challenge on a total whim after we decided to go watch Yoyo’s perform in the school play as “Gaston” in Beauty in the Beast. Brother Yoyo absolutely rocked the house and we ended up having a great time at the play, the only thing that sucked was YOYO realizing he wasn’t nearly as talented as his younger brother.

Favorite Moment #1: Me finally interviewing the kid who had dodged us all night.

Favorite Moment #2: Looking back at how scared we were to interview people that first day.

This was the video that almost ended Fatstacks Sports before it even got off the ground. I’m honestly surprised that I still have it. Looking back, it took some balls to try and pull off this stunt with the principal lurking throughout the lunchroom, but we did it. I look back on this video and cringe at some of the things I asked to some of my friends, but I was trying to ask some bold questions that could elicit some good responses. Looking back I probably would not have asked about half of them.

Favorite Moment: Asking Snoop about whether he wanted his old flame back.

Favorite Moment #2: Asking YOYO’s (then) GF what he got her for V-Day… Bath bombs… are you kidding me Ballz?

This was arguably the most fun I ever had making a video my entire life. Out of sheer boredom, me and Yoyo volunteered to announce the Corunna Baseball Opening Day game… Which we decided would be “tropical” themed despite the 40 degree temperature outside. We shared a lot of laughs before the umpire shut us down midway through the second game for calling a pitch he said was a strike, a ball (it was a bad call).

Favorite Moment #1: Yoyo trying to start a chant to the five people in the stands.

Favorite Moment #2: Me trying to sing “take me out to the ball game” afterwards… Which is still the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

This is something I did as a favor for Scrambled Legs Host Noah Jacobs’ Open House. I was able to use a lot of the footage from our track documentary (that has since been taken down due to copyright), as well as a lot of video that he had saved over the years. It’s not everyday that one of your best friends and fellow Fatstacks team member is the Gatorade Athlete of the Year.

Favorite Moment: The scene where Noah wins the one mile and let’s out a Kirk Cousins “You like that!?”

The title speaks for itself… Dear god this was a disappointing game and season.

I’m not sure what made me record this and make it into a video, but it was still a pretty electric moment from Butters and quite a fist pump from Coach John Buscemi.

Overall, Fatstacks has produced some fairly decent videos in our time, as well as some absolute clunkers… But one thing can be said for certain, they were all a blast to make and they are what I TRULY BELIEVE the best content Fatstacks has to offer. Hopefully you enjoyed this history lesson/trip down memory lane and I can’t wait to do a redraft of our videos in one year, after we produce even more Fatstacks content.

-Fats (#StackbyStack)

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