How Dare You Shit on OBJ, Both Literally and Figuratively.

It’s days like today that remind me why I love twitter. You forget how many creative people are out there. 😂

Alright, so incase you live under a rock and are unsure of why “OBJ” and “poop” are trending, check out the video below:

First off, for the jackasses on twitter who are posting that this all “alleged” and in no way true… Wake up, man. If I were to tell you that there was an NFL player who liked girls taking big ole dookies on their chest, who is the first guy you would have guessed? Without-a-doubt, you would have picked Odell.

But before I get into the nitty-gritty of this developing story, let’s just enjoy some of the best twitter had to offer this morning:

My thoughts on this issue encapsulated into 1:30.

Secondly, let me just make this abundantly clear: I do not like having girls shit on my chest. However, could I see how that might appeal to someone? Honestly, not really.

But to each his own.

For someone like OBJ who could literally have sex whenever he wants, I’m sure the typical missionary/doggy style delivery got pretty stale in the bedroom, so he needed to mix it up.

OR maybe this is some kink that he has always had and just can’t get enough of. Either way, it’s no one but Odell and his sexual partner’s business and you can’t honestly tell me that if I put a gun to your head and said “this absolute ten wants to bang you, but she wants to shit on your chest first” … Are you honestly going to tell me that you would turn that down? I know I wouldn’t.

All I can think about since this news dropped.

Alright now that we put that behind us, let me put on my detective cap and try to solve the question as to whether or not this actually happened:

I know I posted at the start of this that OBJ seems to be the perfect suspect for something like this to be about… But that’s exactly why this witch would pick him as her target.

Listen, I am not saying that this girl is not hot, she is. But she doesn’t seem to be OBJ level hot. I would expect this girl to be sleeping with someone like Antonio Callaway (fourth string receiver), not arguably the best receiver in the NFL, who girls swoon over.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, it just seems somewhat unlikely — If this girl was Kylie Jenner or something, I would probably believe it more, but this girl just wants her two seconds of fame on whatever this podcast is?

And I don’t blame her, if you are willing to admit to shitting on a guys chest for a morning of fame on twitter, then so be it… Who am I to judge. *

*If you are not this girl, please stop reading, this blog is over*

** Why did you keep on reading?

***Seriously, please stop. This is not for you.

****Whatever, I’ll just say it anyway. Dear lady in video, if you have found that you have grown to like shitting on a guys chest, I am more than willing to volunteer as your next “victim” … Please let me know if this something you are interested in. You can contact me via twitter, instagram, or tik tok.****

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