🚨 NEW PODCAST 🚨Bob Baffert and Jimmy Butler are KINGS, NFL Uni Draft, AP is a Lion, and is Giannis a Pippen?

Today’s podcast is the official launch of Fatstacks 2.0 and we couldn’t have a better lineup of topics to help start us off right! We start today’s show recapping the absolute bloodbath that YOYO and Fats had during the Kentucky Derby (losing lots of money) and Bob Baffert continuing to dominate the sport. Then we discuss the NBA Bubble and how Jimmy Butler is making everyone his “son” and absolutely dominating Giannis and the Bucks. 
Then we end the show with an NFL preview including what will Tom Brady’s season look like, will Aaron Rodgers mentor Jordan Love, & Adrian Peterson suiting up as a lion. We also preview some of the top matchups coming up in week one as well. Finally, we wrap up the show with Fats and YOYO drafting their top 5 favorite NFL unis of all time. 
Today’s show is brought to you by Rivals Taphouse & Grille, J.O. Outfitters, and the Scrambled Legs Podcast.
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