Just Got Back

“Well just got back. Been gone too long… I’m just so glad to be back home”

Skip to about 50 seconds for the song I am talking about

I am sipping my iced coffee, eating a nice bagel after a solid long run to cap off another week!

Picturing myself in Grown Ups because the Badger Boys are starting to close in on real practices and team meetings which is very exciting.

This morning was one of those morning that really makes you appreciate the world after a long week… and I mean long.

Tuesday I had some serious car issues, and had to move things to my new house in Madison (goodbye Track Shack 😥 ).

Continually trying to move things this week, get my car from the shop, go to work, mail some things, get groceries, and stay sane was tough.

Luckily I had the presence of mind to do something that keeps me in check during the week… call my grandma’s.

They are always a great answer for me, I highly suggest calling your grandparents, it makes their week, and it only takes 10 minutes.

Within all of this, I mailed a mug to “Coach Sal” from Milford.

Shout out to my mom that mails me packages because man I am not a pro at the post-office holy shnikes.

Seeing this tweet this morning really put me in the right mood.

After a tough week, finishing up by putting up some posters yesterday, watching Olli and Alicia race 5Ks at the Under Armour Sunset Tour, and watching more NBA this week than I had all year really helped put me back into the right mindset.

Olli and Alicia both ran PRs of 13:28 and 15:14 which was worth staying up late for!!

Then to finally feel in a normal head space and have a team long run today out at a gravel rail trail (or state trail or something).

Image result for the badger state trail
Beauty of a Trail

A good amount of boys out there, and luckily I was feeling pretty solid today, which doesn’t happen too frequently.

I ran 14 miles, each 7 was with a different teammate which is such a blessing.

7 miles out with Jack Meijer from Great Britain. If you don’t know @jack_meijer, remember the name, he is going to run fast over the next 3-4 years!!

We talked about traveling the country, racing, and some of what we want to try to do this year. Jack had a little extra than me, so at 7 I turned around and began my journey back.

At this point I ran by some of the boys that were strung out just behind us, and luckily my roommate Olin Hacker was running the same distance as me.

We turned and ran back through Belleville (awesome small town) and @okhacker2 felt good as well.

You know a run is going well, when you still feel relaxed and then the next mile is a touch faster, and I knew it was a #WorkDay

We talked about the draft that the Michigan Wolverines are doing for their Covid Time Trial season and how awesome of an idea that is.

The miles clicked by and then it just hit me how crazy this all was.

Personally running has far from been a straight line of improvement and success since high school, I’ve run a few PRs, and I’ve about hung up the spikes 3 different times…

Olin has had his fair share of trials and tribulations as well, and there we were, both feeling good, enjoying this glorious sport, and getting better together.

I looked at him and said, “I love this S$!T” and he smiled at me and we kept on moving forward.

I know that this isn’t an ideal time to be a college athlete, but there are a lot of things that I feel fortunate to still have.

I would love to have real races, I am far from fit, but racing is the blood that pumps throughout the running community.

However, at least I can run with teammates in a safe manner, continue to train, soak up the outdoors, and find a way to smile through it all.

If you are struggling with running right now, I am too. This is all a confusing time.

The only advice I will try to give anyone is this, have fun! We all do this crazy sport for multiple different reasons, but at some point we all loved it, so find a way to love it again!

I wish everyone the best with training, time trialing, racing, and recovery!



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  1. Love ❤️ reading your post Noah Lee. God bless you and keep you healthy and safe. Always appreciate your calls. AML grandma 👵 j


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